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The Midwest Cattleman · October 27, 2022 · P19
      values, creating value all  tored into $BMI for the steer               $British Maternal
      the way through. Bull 2 is  mates.
      unique that his high CED is           One important takeaway
      a bonus to him (CED factors  from this exercise is the mak-
      in because we must have live  ing selections based solely on
      calves to get them to grow  a selection index can be just
      in the feed yard). Growth is  as detrimental as making
      good on that bull, and carcass  selections based on a single
      is acceptable.  The growth  EPD. You may love Bull A’s
      data on Bull 3 are his selling  $BMI, but if your customers             $Feedlot
      point, adding pounds (and  have any market for selling or
      dollars) to a carcass that may  retaining feeder steers, he’s
      not necessarily excel for qual- not a good option for fitting
      ity on the grid. For cattle to  that niche. It’s still necessary
      rank  highly  in the $Feedlot  to study the component traits
      metric, higher growth EPDs  of an index to make sure the
      are important. Being elite  bull you’re looking at is fine-
      for growth and carcass isn’t  tuned to meet your breeding
      necessary, but if your bull is  goals.
      weaker in one area, he better         While it’s easy to get lost
      be stronger in the other to be  on the trip to breeding better
      a top end $F bull.                 Shorthorns, indexes can be
         Our  final chart (on  the  a good guiding post for you,
      next page) brings all six bulls  if you take into account the
      used in this article together  component pieces involved to
      to compare their $BMI and  make sure you stay follow-
      $F values. You’ll notice that  ing the little blue line on the
      the high $BMI bulls don’t  “Google Maps” in your oper-
      all translate to high $F cat- ation.
      tle, while the high $F cattle
      look like stronger $BMI cat-
      tle as well. That’s likely due
      to the growth component fac-
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