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BUILDING A CASE                                                                           The Midwest Cattleman · October 27, 2022 · P23
      continued from page 17                                                                  ed during a  reach a wider base of Lazy

      fill that gap.”                                                                         drought.”       Bar F customers.
         Moderate, easy fleshing                                                                 There's         Shorthorn has launched
      cattle that don't expect to be                                                          reason      he new careers and  won the
      fed all summer is the Lazy                                                              feels     con- hearts of the Ferguson fam-
                                                                                                          on ily. Don and Kim think more
      Bar F goal.
         “We've been AI-ing to some                                                           the big ma- people should give the breed
      Jungel Shorthorn Farm sires                                                             chinery. At  a chance, like they did. Kim
      out of North that put a lot of                                                          Tinker Air  has a favorite quote from El-
                                                                                              Force Base  eanor Roosevelt that fits such
      performance into our herd,”
                                                                                              in Oklaho- a challenge.  “You can often
      Kim said. “Our showier cows  agriculture whatsoever.                  ma City, Mike trains on big  change your circumstances
      mate really well to them also,        “He's learning,” Kim said
      which     adds     performance light-heartedly. “And  getting         Airborne  Warning and Con- by changing your attitude.”
                                                                                                                 Case closed.
                                                                            trol System (AWACS) jets.
      back into the show calves. I  better. He planted wheat a              On the ranch, Kim is con-
      want  people  to  know  us  for  couple of times and still brags      templating putting his tech
      producing quality seedstock  that the two years he planted            savvy skills to work on social
      that can perform in the pas- were the best crops ever. Of             media in the years ahead to
      ture, and hopefully hit with a  course those weren't plant-
      show heifer too, if they want.”
         The Fergusons often get
      reports back on how well               WHY ARE WE STILL HERE AFTER MORE THAN 25 YEARS?
      their genetics are working at
      both ends of the spectrum. A
      customer in eastern Oklaho-
      ma convinced another cattle-
      man to try a Shorthorn bull
      on some black cows.  When
      the calves were sorted, the
      Shorthorn crossbreds im-
         “You can't beat hybrid
      vigor,” Don said, “and Short-
      horn  add something  else as
      good milkers. That's one rea-
      son why we have 30 or more
      that are Shorthorn Plus in
      our herd.”
         A county carcass contest
      proved to be the platform for
      Shorthorn to be showcased in
      another way.
         “An FFA student want-
      ed one of our calves to enter
      in  the carcass  contest,” Don
      said.  “Low and behold, he
      won it! Black hide doesn't al-
      ways mean something. Virtu-

      ally every other calf in that                           MAKE SURE YOU ARE
      contest was black.”
         As for the show ring...                                   IN OUR SPECIAL
         “We sold one into Iowa
      this April,”  Don  said. “They                                   RED ANGUS
      bought a January calf just
      weaned and won Minnesota                                            FEATURE
      and Iowa State Fairs with
      her. Out of that same sale,
      we sold to a gal in Oklaho-                                     FEBRUARY 2
      ma who got 3rd in the Tulsa
         Soon, the attorney and vet-
      erinary Shorthorn producers
      may gain another hand to
      help them spread the word
      of Lazy  Bar  F Shorthorns.
      Kim's husband will retire
      from the air force next year.
      Where dad grew up with cat-
      tle as a kid, and daughter had                 PHONE: 417-644-2993 - EMAIL:  CATTLEMAN@CUTTINGEDGEUS.COM
      horses  growing  up,  the  son-
      in-law has no background in
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