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PRACTICE PATIENCE                                                                         The Midwest Cattleman · October 27, 2022 · P24
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      weed pressure.  That weed          several weeks,
      pressure appears from the          then  it  is  a  lot
      seed bank present in the soil      easier to rest
      along with any new addi-           pastures more
      tions from equipment, move-        and     stockpile
      ment with animals and cer-         forage correctly
      tainly wildlife. Some weeds        and reduce the
      can lay dormant for decades        need to carry
      just waiting patiently for the     feed  to  them.
      right opportunity and condi-       Feed that the
      tions to grow. Delayed spring      animal        can
      grazing with a little extra        harvest itself is
      fertility, especially nitrogen,    almost always
      helped to reduce weed pres-        cheaper     than
      sure some by increasing com-       anything that
      petition by the desired for-       you have to
      age, but not always.               carry to it.
         What most producers re-            I was asked
      ally need is more grazable         recently again
      acres or fewer animal units.       about the graz-
      That is probably easier done       ing of Johnson-
      by utilizing some cropland,        grass     during
      especially marginal crop-          a  farm  visit.
      land, to grow annual forage        If the field is
      in the rotation for haying or      grazed very often,  you usu- warm-season grasses such as  toxic than sorghums. Frosted
      ideally  grazing  and  making      ally won’t see much present  sudangrass or sorghum-su- areas could be only “pockets”
      use of crop residue when con-      because it is often one of the  dangrass hybrids and the  in a field to start with. Any
      ditions are favorable to do so     first forages the cows take  noted johnsongrass produce  regrowth from the base of the
      without causing compaction         out. They will eat it and ac- a toxic compound when frost- plant after a frost can also be
      or the need for cleanup till-      tually like it, but I certainly  ed causing the production of  very high in prussic acid. If
      age afterwards. If the live-       wouldn’t plant it.                 the prussic acid (hydrocyan- in doubt, wait and or test. It
      stock are off the pastures for        Summer                annual ic acid). To be safe, livestock  is better to be safe than sorry
                                                                            should be removed from  and occurrences can happen
                                                                            these forages after frosted for  with little warning. Millets
                                                                            at least two weeks to allow  generally do not have this
                                                                            for the forages to “dry down”  issue.
                                                                            and the prussic acid to dissi-       Remember, it’s not about
                                                                            pate before grazing again.        maximizing a grazing event,
                                                                              These forages can be har- but maximizing a grazing
                                                                            vested  for baleage  five to  season! Graze crop residues
                                                                            seven days after being frosted  or  annuals that  you have
                                                                            and later fed as long as they  now to allow pastures to rest
                                                                            are allowed their normal fer- and continue to grow until
                                                                            mentation process time peri- dormant. Keep on grazing!
                                                                            od of six to eight weeks – but
                                                                            best harvested prior to frost.
                                                                            Dry hay containing these
                                                                            is generally fine. Johnson-
                                                                            grass tends to be a bit more

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