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your Shorthorn, you won't  she said. “We work on them                                     The Midwest Cattleman · October 27, 2022 · P17
      get hurt.”                         all the time at the clinic.”         Experiences like
         Kim agrees that the docil-         Kim illustrated the impor-      this have served
      ity of the herd is top of mind.   tance  of soundness with  a         as a great teacher.
         “I see a lot of crazy cat- harrowing story.                        Real world adven-
      tle come through the clinic,”         “We have three farms, and       tures in the cat-
      Kim said.  “With our Short- two of them have pretty big               tle business have
      horn, I am not worried about  canyons  on them,”  she said.           made her a better
      my 74 year old father or my  “One day, everyone was out of            vet.  And  work  at
      young     daughter      working town, except me and my six-           the vet clinic has
      around our bulls or the cows.  year-old daughter.  We were            made Kim a better
      The other day, there was one  checking herds and couldn't             hand on the ranch.
      in the pasture with a bad eye.  find this one heifer. We took           “I can commu-
      Dad and Talia moved all the  the four-wheeler, but ended              nicate with ranch-
      cattle, sorted that  cow out,  up  having to  drop down               ers at the clinic
      got her in the chute and doc- an embankment and walk.                 much better be-
      tored her without a problem.” When we spotted her, she                cause I've been
         There's more to Shorthorns  had fallen down a ravine and           there and been
      that  Don and  Kim defend.  was stuck upside down, feet               through it,” Kim
      Maternal traits and good  in the air, belly up. I thought             said.  “I can relay
      mothering ability  to raise  a  she was a gonner, but Talia           my      experience,
      calf rank up there.  Accord- said she didn't think she was            and have already
      ing to Kim, “marbling is also  dead. I had to call a neighbor.        worked through it
      a big deal. We've had people  By that time it was dark, but           on a medical level
      who bought beef from us, tell  we got a halter on her. Then           to better serve my
      us it is the best they've ever  my neighbor wedged his legs           client.”                          and see who's  winning  too.
      eaten.”                            under her. He told me if she         Kim has also learned the        The tricky part, especially in
         On pastures that roll, tuck  broke  his  legs,  I'd  have  to      ropes as a cow/calf producer      the Shorthorn breed, is that
      and plunge among big Okla- feed his cattle all winter. She            by talking to other purebred      there tends to be a big gap
      homan canyons, Dr. Kim em- had to have been there for a               breeders.                         between what shows in the
      phasized the importance of  while, but we got her up. She               “I try to go to a lot of sales   ring and what performs in
      good feet and legs.                survived and didn't break          and talk with producers,”         the pasture. I am trying to
         “There are a lot of cattle  her's  or the neighbor's legs.         she said. “I watch the shows
      that don't have good feet,”  Yeah, legs and feet matter.”                                                             continued on page 23

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