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                                  Cattle Auction Preparations:

                          A Sale Day Checklist for Ranchers

                                                                    By Paige Carlson
         One of the biggest days of  have adequate trailer room to  source and stay hydrated.                    • Check your trailers.
      the year for most ranchers –  haul cattle comfortably and               One or two days before:         Your crew will not want to
      sale day – is much anticipat- minimize shrink.                          • Check your facilities.  wait on fixing a flat tire or
      ed, yet stressful.                    • Move cattle closer to  There is nothing that can put  other              equipment      hiccups.
         When it comes time to take  working facilities (if possi- a damper on the day fast-                  Take some time to make sure
      calves or cows to the sale  ble). By moving the consigned  er than an injury. Especially  the trailer tires are full of air
      barn, the laundry list of items  cattle closer to the working  when a lot of cattle will be en- and the pickup or truck is fu-
      to prepare and complete for  and loading facilities, cattle  tering the facilities and when  eled and ready to go. The more
      the event may seem daunting.  will have less exercise and  new or extra hands are help- time the cattle stand and wait
      Here’s some helpful tips and  stress on sale day, resulting in  ing with the process. Ensure  to be loaded, the greater the
      considerations in the days and  less shrink.  This also allows  the facilities are ready to use  shrink.
      hours leading up to sale time.  them extra time to become  and all help understands how                    Hauling and Sale Day:
         Several days or weeks be- acquainted with a new water  the facilities work.                             • Communicate with
      fore:                                                                                                   your crew.  Ensure  all  help
         • Consign your cattle.                                                                               understands your goals and
      Take the time to call the sale                                                                          plans for the day, including the
      barn a few weeks before sale                                                                            time round-up begins, what
      day to consign the cattle you                                                                           to bring and where the cat-
      plan to sell.  This allows the                                                                          tle will be hauled and sold. It
      barn to advertise your cattle                                                                           may seem redundant, but it’s
      and have a general idea of the                                                                          better to over-communicate so
      total cattle numbers that will                                                                          everyone is on the same page.
      be sold that day.                                                                                          • Manage your mindset.
         • Line up help. Prepare to                                                                           With the anticipation and ex-
      have extra hands on deck, if                                                                            citement  of  the day, keep  in
      needed, to efficiently load cat-                                                    Photo-Paige Carlson   mind the importance of low-
      tle and haul them to the sale                                                                           stress handling. Stress equals
      barn. How many head will           One of the biggest days of the year for most ranchers – sale day—is much anticipated,   shrink when it comes to cat-
                                         yet stressful. Here’s some helpful tips and considerations in the days and hours leading
      you be taking? Make sure you       up to sale time.                                                     tle.  As Bob Larson, DVM,

                                                                               IrvIne ranchIne ranch

                                                                                        Annual Pr
                                                                                        Annual Production Saleoduction Sale
                                                                                             November 5, 2022vember 5, 2022

                                                                                    70 SimAngus and Simmental Bulls
                                                                                    70 SimAngus and Simmental Bulls
                                                                                        Feed Efficiency tested on IR’s exclusive Bovabytes         Systemeed Efficiency tested on IR’s exclusive Bovabytes         System

                                   • Animals instinctively open our  aps
                                                                                                     50 F
                                   • Our  aps will not freeze like ball closures do                  50 Femalesemales
                                   • We have less water contamination from animal wastes  Registered, Young, and Productive...  Fall Pairs, many w/ heifer calves at sideegistered, Young, and Productive...  Fall Pairs, many w/ heifer calves at side
                                   • Ten Models - For a few animals or for the largest feedyards

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