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The Midwest Cattleman · September 10, 2020 · P9
      Rye, Triticale or Wheat – which is best?

                                 By Daren Redfearn
         Are you planting or at least  ducers don’t want it contami-
      thinking about planting ce- nating fields.
      real rye, triticale, or winter        Triticale holds its feed
      wheat for early spring forage?  value best into late spring.
      Which one will you choose?         This makes it well-suited for
         Which small grain – wheat,  hay and silage, or for stretch-
      rye, or triticale – should you  ing grazing well into June if
      plant this fall for forage next
      spring? Let’s look at some of                   continued on page 25
      their characteristics  to help
      you select the best option.
         Let’s start with cereal rye.
      Rye is the best choice for the
      earliest spring grazing pos-
      sible. Because it’s early, it is
      also the best match for dou-
      ble cropping. Some varieties
      can provide quite a bit of fall
      growth, too, if planted early.
      Rye also may be the most
      reliable when planted under
      stressful  conditions…but  it
      does have some drawbacks. It
      heads-out much earlier than
      wheat  or  triticale  and  turns
      stemmy, losing feed value
      and palatability earlier in the
      spring. Plus, wheat grain pro-

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