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BEEF GENETIC DATA                                                                     The Midwest Cattleman · September 10, 2020 · P7

               TOOLS DEFINED

       k-state beef cattle specialist explains ways

           to effectively use data in sire selection

         In any team sport, mem- and phenotypic variation,”
      bers contribute their physical  Weaber said.
      strengths to help achieve the
      goal for the common good. It                    continued on page 21     Selecting the optimum sire for the herd involves more than just evaluating his phenotype.
      is hard for  an athlete to be
      the best in all aspects of the            Two Sales!  One Day!
         In much the same way,                                    The Complete Dispersal of Oak Ridge Farms
      bulls that excel in maternal              THEY SELL!
      traits are not always the ones                                            & Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale XV
      that reach the top of chart for
      siring calves that rank the                                                            September 19, 2020 * 1 p.m.
      best at the time of harvest.                                              Kingsville Livestock, Kingsville, MO
         “With many purebred breed
      associations, bulls  are  mea-                                          Oak Ridge Farms was originally scheduled to disperse in
      sured for 12-15 traits. While a                                         May as the ‘Opportunity Knocks’ sale but was postponed
      few bulls will excel in multi-
      ple traits, it is nearly impos-                                         to fall.  We will also offer the elite consignments from the
      sible to have a bull that can                                           Seedstock Plus members as the Showcase portion of the
      be a leader in all the traits,”                                         sale!   Offering 3 Herd Sires from Oak Ridge Farms
      said Bob  Weaber, Kansas                                                *  Reds & Blacks!  *  Open heifers, Bred heifers & Pairs
      State University beef cattle
      extension specialist, during a                                          *  Picks of the herd  * Purebred Gelbviehs & Balancers!
      recent  Beef  Cattle  Institute,                                         * Videos of sale cattle at or
      Cattle Chat podcast.                                              

      EPDs defined                                       Fall Bull & Female Sale
         One tool that is used by
      purebred and commercial cat-                          October 17, 2020 * 12 noon
      tle producers is the Expected
      Progeny Difference (EPDs).                            Joplin Regional Stockyards,
         “EPDs offer a relative com-                                 Carthage, MO
      parison of genetic merit in
      any given trait,” Weaber said.                Selling 150 - 18 month old  BLACK Gelbvieh,
         He cited the example of                    Angus & Balancer bulls & BLACK females -
      having two bulls mated to a
      similar group of cows. “When                              registered & commercial
      comparing a bull with a 40-
      pound  weaning  weight  EPD                                                 ALL SALES!
      to a bull with a 50-pound                                                   Bid & Buy at:
      weaning weight EPD, we
      would expect the calves from                                                DVAuction
      the 50-pound weaning weight
      EPD sire to weigh on average                                                 RED REWARD ‘Fall Edition’
      10 pounds heavier at wean-
      ing,” Weaber said.                                                                   Bull & Female Sale
         He added that the environ-
      ment in which the cattle are                                                      November 7, 2020 * 12 noon
      raised will also influence the                                                      Wheeler Livestock Auction
      weaning weight of the off-
      spring.                                                                                      Osceola, MO
         “Along with the EPDs,
      the production environment                                                    Selling 40 RED Gelbvieh, Balancer bulls
      also drives a lot of the varia-                                              & RED females - registered &commercial!
      tion observed in an animal’s
      performance, but there is a
      portion of that variation in                                                                  Call for your catalogs today!
      performance that is under ge-                                                                          877-486-1160
      netic control and the herita-                                                         
      bility is the expression of that
      relationship between genetic
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