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The Midwest Cattleman · September 10, 2020 · P6

                       By Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist
         Winter wheat is used for  planting wheat in late August  ditions this year vary across
      grain-only, forage-only, or du- or early September. The desire  Oklahoma ranging from very
      al-purpose systems target- to jump-start wheat forage  dry to adequate moisture
      ing cattle grazing and grain  growth by planting early in the  with generally favorable soil
      production.   In the Southern  fall must be balanced against  temperatures.   Early planted
      Plains, stocker producers in- frequent seasonal drought and  wheat also faces a bigger likeli-
      terested in grazing winter  hot soil temperatures that pre- hood of fall armyworm or other
      wheat pastures often begin  vent wheat germination. Con- pest invasions, disease pres-                  es from $0.90 to $1.00/lb. using
                                                                                                              current auction prices.  Cost of
                                                                            sure and increased weed com-
                                                                            petition.  Dual-purpose wheat     production is likely less than
                                                                                                              $0.90/lb. in  many  cases,  sug-
                                                                            producers must navigate both
                                                                            the production tradeoffs be-      gesting potential positive re-
                                                                                                              turns for stocker production.
                                                                            tween wheat forage and grain
                                                                                                                  A common wheat pasture
                                                                            production as well as the eco-    grazing budget is based on Oc-
                                                                            nomic challenges in wheat and
                                                                            cattle markets.                   tober stocker purchases with
                                                                                                              feeders marketed in early
                                                                               Current feeder cattle pric-
                                                                            es provide an indication of the   March including roughly 120
                                                                            economic prospects for fall and   days of winter grazing.   For
                                                                            winter grazing.   In the last     example, based on current
                                                                            week of  August, the Oklaho-      market conditions, 475-pound
                                                                            ma average auction price for      steer  price  is  projected  to  be
                                                                            475-pound steers was $165.25/     between $160 and $165/cwt.
                                                                            cwt. with 750-pound steers at     in October.    This estimate is
                                                                                                              suggested by both typical sea-
                                                                            $140.40/cwt. This calculates to
                                                                            a value of gain of $0.975/pound   sonal cash price patterns and
                                                                                                              October Feeder futures at the
                                                                            for 275 pounds of gain.  Across
                                                                            beginning weights of 450-600      current time.   Budgets using
                                                                            pounds, the value of gain rang-                 continued on page 17

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