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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                              The Midwest Cattleman · September 10, 2020 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  ed upon to find any covey of         One Saturday, at the end of  where we last looked,” he
                                         quail, within a three-mile ra- the hunt, Sally was nowhere  proudly stated,  “and, Jerry,
                                         dius, of where you let her off  to be found. We searched and  she was still on point, right
                                         the leash. She would come on  searched for her for several  over a covey of close to twenty
                                         a solid point and wait, for how- hours,  all  to  no  avail.  Dark- birds!”
                                         ever long it took you, to catch  ness finally forced us to go           This brings me to the sub-
                                         up with her and get within  home, but Jim assured me  ject of the dog that currently
                                         shooting  distance.  Once  you  that he would find her the  owns me.
                                         were in position, she’d break  next day. The next afternoon,            Bernie (no, she’s not named
                                         the covey, and then proceed  he called to excitedly report  for the politician, but rath-
                                         to  hunt  singles,  for  the next  that he had, in fact, found  er  a  shortened  name  for  her
                                         hour, just as diligently as she  his beloved Sally. “I found her  breed—Burnese            Mountain
                                         pointed out the covey.             about a quarter mile from                       continued on page 17

         I’ve  known  a  lot  of  dog
      owners, that will swear they
      either own, or have owned,
      at  one  time  or  another,  the
      smartest dog in the world.
      Most  of  these proclamations
      need to be taken with a grain
      of salt, but…
         Jim, my old bird hunting
      buddy from forty years ago,
      always had a good bird dog, so
      it was a pleasure to be invited
      to accompany him and Sally
      on  weekend hunting  trips.
      Sally was a Brittany Spaniel
      that could always be depend-

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