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JUDGE BLOCKS                                                                             The Midwest Cattleman · February 24, 2022 · P10
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      federal court order blocking  istration, from about $50 per  executive order and violated  but a group of Republican
      the president's pause on new  ton.                                    federal law by imposing new  states sued, saying the ad-
      auctions.                             The higher values have  rules without seeking public  ministration broke the law
         The "social cost of green- already  been used in feder- comment.                                     by changing the value with-
      house gases" estimate is  al environmental analyses                     The judge ruled that the  out  giving  the  public  an  op-
      used in rule-making and per- of proposed oil and gas lease  Biden policy over-stepped ex- portunity to weigh in.  The
      mitting processes to estimate  sales on public lands and  ecutive  authority  because  it  states argued that the higher
      economic damages associat- major infrastructure proj- directs agencies to consider  cost would stall development
      ed with a rise in greenhouse  ects, according to the ruling.  global, and not just domestic,  and cost jobs in their states.
      gas emissions.  Those could           The U.S. Department of  costs and benefits.                          Cain, in justifying his pre-
      include things like impacts  Justice declined to comment                "The      President      lacks liminary injunction, found
      to agricultural productivity  on the ruling or its impact on  power to promulgate funda- that the suing states had
      or property damage from in- federal activities.                       mentally transformative leg- shown that the change would
      creased flood risk.                   In his order, Judge James  islative rules in areas of vast  harm their "ability to pur-
         The decision reverts the  Cain of the U.S. District Court  political, social, and econom- chase affordable energy," and
      government's social cost of  for  the  Western District of  ic importance," Cain wrote.                 specifically said Louisiana
      greenhouse gases emitted to  Louisiana said Biden lacked                The  White House had  would have fewer funds to
      the $10 or less per ton im- the authority to make such a  raised the value shortly after  maintain its coastline.
      posed  by the Trump admin- substantial change through  Biden  took office last year,                    Reuters

      BEEF CATTLE                        which is about 5%. Calf crops  perspective on future trends          PREPARING
      continued from page 3              are getting smaller and will  in beef cow inventory. Jan-            continued from page 7
      a better way to put beef cow  continue to do so in the com- uary heifer retention esti-                 winds and the situation can
      numbers in perspective is  ing year, which is bullish for  mates were down by more                      be catastrophic for new-
      to consider the total change  feeder cattle markets.  The  than 191 thousand head from                  borns.  While nature equips
      in beef  cow inventory over  chart above plots US beef  2021, which is about 3%. This                   calves with a limited amount
      the last three years. From  cow inventory going back to  suggests continued contrac-                    of brown adipose tissue
      the recent high in 2019, beef  1970.                                  tion is likely during 2022,       which is burned internally
      cow inventory is down by              Heifer retention is also im- barring significant changes          to create heat for survival,
      more than 1.5 million head,  portant as it provides some  throughout the year.                          extreme cold can overwhelm
                                                                              The cattle on feed estimate
                                                                            from this report is also worth    the ability to create enough
                                                                            discussion and stands out         internal heat and hypother-
                                                                                                              mia can occur. Calves suffer-
                                                                            a bit as  it actually  shows a
                                                                            slight increase from last Jan-    ing from hypothermia are
                                                                                                              more susceptible to naval
                                                                            uary. For perspective, I would
                                                                            point  back to the January        infections, pneumonia, and
                                                                                                              scours. Best management
                                                                            Cattle on Feed report, which
                                                                            reflects on-feed inventories at   practices for cold weather
                                                                                                              calving include:
                                                                            feedyards with one-time ca-
                                                                            pacity over 1,000 head. First,    • Provide adequate wind
                                                                                                                 breaks, shelter, and bed-
                                                                            heifers on feed were higher
                                                                            in that report, which is con-        ding so cows can separate
                                                                            sistent with fewer heifers           and calve in a warmer,
                                                                            being held for replacement           dryer, protected environ-
                                                                            and continues to point to a          ment.
                                                                            decreasing  cow  herd  going      • Plan ahead to provide the
                                                                            forward. More females are            additional protein and en-
                                                                            moving into the beef system.         ergy needs of cows during
                                                                            Secondly, and most signifi-          the final trimester of
                                                                            cantly, December placements          pregnancy and the begin-
                                                                                                                 ning of lactation.
                                                                            were up 6% in 2021. But the       • Sort first calf heifers from
                                                                            largest increases were in the
                                                                            lower placement weight cat-          cows and manage accord-
                                                                                                                 ingly. Heifers are inexpe-
                                                                            egories, which suggests they
                                                                            may be more a function of            rienced and more likely
                                                                                                                 to need a higher level of
                                                                            dry conditions in the South-
                                                                            ern Plains forcing producers         attention during calving
                                                                                                                 and the initial stages of
                                                                            to move cattle out of wheat
                                                                            grazing programs. If this is         claiming and raising a
                                                                            the case, those are cattle that
                                                                            would have been placed on  Drovers
                                                                            feed this spring, so it speaks
                                                                            more to the timing of their
                                                                            placement, than total cattle
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