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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                The Midwest Cattleman · February 24, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,                                                                                          For the last few years, I’ve
        Jerry Crownover                  answer to a question, than it  explains how the process of
                                         does for younger people, who  older brains, having to sort  had the ever-increasing prob-
                                         don’t have as much knowl- through so much informa- lem of remembering people’s
                                         edge. As an example, he ex- tion, only makes them seem  names, places I’ve been, and
                                         plains that an older person,  a tad confused and slower,  words that describe what I’m
                                         who may have known thirty  because they are combing  trying to convey. Until this
                                         women named Mary during  through a plethora of data,   study was published a few
                                         his lifetime, would take  while younger brains have  weeks ago, I was convinced
                                         much longer to recall the last  so much less material to sift  that the dreaded affliction
                                         name of a specific Mary, than  through. In most cases, it’s  of old age had arrived at my
                                         a younger person,  who may  not dementia, but rather our  home and had set up camp
                                         have known only five Marys. internal computer, taking the  for the duration. Now, I fi-
                                            The researcher refers to  time to filter a mountain of  nally have the proof, to back
                                         all of this stored informa- previously learned material.
                                         tion as  “brain clutter,” and        I am so relieved.                             continued on page 26

         Many of you, no doubt,
      have  read about  the recent                             A STEP AH E AD
      scientific study, conducted by
      a Harvard neuroscientist (so
      you know it has to be true),                  THE ADVANTAGE
      that explains why so many of
      us, over the age of sixty, have
      trouble remembering things.
         The scientist explains that                            Y O U C A N TRU S T
      older people have so much
      information stored in their
      brain, from years of expe-
      rience and learning, that it
      takes more time to process an

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