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Preparing for Winter Calving                                                              The Midwest Cattleman · February 24, 2022 · P7

      By Mark Z. Johnson
         Calving during the winter  the cattle comfort index is  grees F and hit-
      months can present some  below 32 degrees F. This en- ting  the  ground
      unique challenges. Cold and/ ergy need will double to 2%  at temperatures
      or wet weather, higher birth  if the animal is wet to the  as much as 100
      weights, fewer hours of day- skin. In regard to newborn  degrees                   cold-
      light and in most herds, this  calves, consider that in the  er.  Add in rain,
      is the time of year when we,  birth process they are leav- snow,                 muddy
      as producers, are the pri- ing the cozy environment                   ground  or  high
      mary source of nutrition  of their mother’s womb at a                                      Calving during the winter months can present some unique
      provided in the form of har- temperature of 101-102 de-               continued on page 10  challenges. Be prepared for weather events, assisted births,
                                                                                                 and have adequate feed supplies.
      vested forage and supple-
      mental feeds.  What can we
      do to make calving in the
      late winter months as prob-             Trust...
      lem-free as possible? GET

      Calving Kit and Facilities              the most important selection tool!
         Prior to calving season it is
      important to take inventory             We measure and select for the traits that impact cow herd efficiency: Calving Interval,
      of our facilities. Our working          Docility Scores, Structural Soundness, Feed Efficiency, Calving Ease and Cow weights
      pens, chutes and alley ways
      need to be in good working              and Body Condition Scores.
      order.  If  we  have  a  calving        You can Trust your cow herd to Mushrush Red Angus!
      barn or indoor facility, re-
      member to check cameras,                Annual Production Sale
      batteries, and light bulbs.
      We want all facilities ready
      BEFORE we find ourselves                Friday, March 18, 2022 • 12:30 pm CT
      assisting that first heifer in          100 - Age-Advantaged, Feed Efficiency Tested Red Angus Bulls
      the calving process.                    100 - Stout Yearling Bulls (Red Angus & SimAngus)
         To be fully prepared, have
      the following list of supplies          50 - Fall calving Commercial bred Red Angus females
      in a cooler, bucket or toolbox:         12 - “U Pick Em” Front-end  Registered
                                                        Red Angus Open Heifers
        • Colostrum and feeding
        • Flashlight and batteries
        • OB Sleeves
        • Non-detergent lubricant
        • Antiseptic
        • OB chains and calf pull-
        • Paper towels
        • Rope halter
        • Large cloth towel

         Also, understand the three
      stages of bovine parturition.
      It’s important to know what
      to expect when a cow or heif-
      er goes into labor in order to
      know when and how to pro-
      vide assistance.
      Account for Cold Weather
         Cold, wet weather drives
      up cow nutritional require-
      ments and cows  should be
      fed accordingly. The Mesonet
      Cattle Comfort Advisor is an                                                                2346B N Road  ∙  Strong City, KS 66869
      excellent tool for monitoring                                                         620.340.7461 (Joe)  ∙  620.340.9774 (Daniel)
      weather conditions and the
      impact they have on cattle.                                                                  
      According to the Mesonet                                                                     
      Cattle Comfort Advisor, cow                               RANCHES                          Follow us on FB at Mushrush Red Angus
      energy     requirements       in-
      crease 1% for each degree
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