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          What to do When Calves Are Born Weak

                                                   Dr. Michelle Arnold, UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
         “Weak Calf Syndrome” is            Vitamin and trace mineral  where calves are
      a term applied to a calf that  deficiencies have also been  born with weak
      is born alive but lacks vigor,  associated with weak calves.  heart and skeletal
      is slow to stand, and may  If cows are not supplemented  muscles and fre-
      not attempt to nurse. Affect- with adequate amounts of se- quently die soon
      ed herds may also see an  lenium during gestation, the  after birth. In ad-
      increase in stillborn calves.  calf will be born with a severe  dition,  both  vita-
      The known factors contrib- selenium deficiency. This de- mins  A and E are
      uting  to the development of  ficiency results in  “white  vital nutrients for
      weak calves include inade- muscle disease”, a condition                 continued on page 28
      quate nutrition for the dam
      during pregnancy, difficult
      calving (known as  “dysto-
      cia”) and infectious diseases,
      especially BVD virus.  With
      excellent management, some
      weak calves will survive but
      most will die shortly after
      birth. Those that survive are
      prone to develop scours or
      pneumonia, grow slowly and
      have lower weaning weights.
      Although  this  situation  is
      difficult to correct during
      calving season, identification                                                             Privat  Treat  Gelbvie  & Balance  Sal
      and correction of the under-
      lying problems will help pre-
      vent this syndrome down the                                                                                               Bull

      1. Inadequate Pre-Partum
         Nutrition for the dam is
      key to preparing a calf for
      life outside the cow. Not only
      does the pregnant cow’s diet
      need to meet her own main-                                                   Hondo 227H | Reg: AMGV1514169   Smooth Domain 223H | Reg: AMGV1511596
      tenance  needs but,  in the                                             DOB: 9/24/20 | Sire: Brother C Astro 502D | POLLED  DOB: 9/6/20 | Sire: 3SCC Domain A163 | POLLED
      last 50-60 days of gestation,
      approximately 80% of fetal
      growth  occurs  requiring  ad-
      ditional nutrients to support
      this tremendous growth and
      to develop the fetal brown fat
      needed to supply energy to
      the newborn until adequate
      colostrum is ingested.  The                                                High Octane 230H | Reg: AMGV1514173    Hammer 225H | Reg: AMGV1511595
      two most important cow nu-                                              DOB: 10/16/20 | Sire: HPR Chancellor 8038 | POLLED  DOB: 9/11/20 | sire: HPR Chancellor 8038 | POLLED
      tritional requirements are
      protein and energy, the exact
      amounts of each depend on
      stage of production, environ-
      ment, and mature cow size.
      Research has shown that
      calves born to cows on inad-
      equate diets have less vigor,
      less brown fat stores, less
                                                                                     h608 | Reg: AMGV1510366
      ability to warm themselves,                             Female	             Sire: EGL Lifeline B101 | DOB: 6/06/20  MS UNIQUE GEM - hbar 130h |  Reg: AMGV1514165
                                                                                                                  sire: hpr Chancellor 8038  | DOB: 10/09/20
      and it takes a much longer
      time for them to stand after                                                            available now!
      birth. Heifers and old or thin
      cows are more likely to have
      weak calves as they simply
      cannot compete for hay and
      feed and should be fed sepa-
      rately to allow them access to          contact: Hyatt Frobose - 419.308.9503 | Brandi Buzzard Frobose - 785.448.0239 | Greeley, KS
      the nutrients they need.                                                                                                             creative marketing
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