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A Good Start for Baby Calves                                                               The Midwest Cattleman · February 2, 2023 · P9

       By Mark Z. Johnson
         What should happen at  save her calf’s life simply by  begin the process
      the beginning of life for a  cleaning it immediately after  of finding a teat
      baby calf to get off to a good  birth.    The cleaning  action  to nurse.   Manu-
      start? In this issue we review  accomplishes two things: it  ally  drying  and
      the sequence of several steps  removes the fluid soaking  warming  may  be
      that need to happen.  Some of  the calf and stimulates mus- necessary for a
      these we never witness and  cle contractions and circula- weak new-born or
      take for granted when we  tion in the calf.  Both prevent  in extremely  cold
      find a new-born up and nurs- excess loss of body heat from  winter weather.
      ing.  But along the way, if we  the calf which can be con-
      are  watching it  take  place,  served to help it stand and            continued on page 17
      this is what we should see:
         1.The     calf   begins     to
      breathe.  This one is obvious-
      ly critical.  Typically as a calf
      comes out of the birth canal
      and the umbilical cord is sev-
      ered, their first reaction is to
      inhale.  Sometimes, a difficult
      birth, less calf vigor, amniotic
      fluid in the nostrils or throat,
      or part of the amniotic sac
      covering the nose prevents it
      from happening.   If you are                                     Success Starts With Femaless
                                                                       Success Starts With Female
      observing the process after
      delivery,  you  need  to  help  a                                  Offering 20+ pairs plus a package of outstanding heifers
      calf that is not breathing im-
      mediately.   First, clear the                                      sired by MJB Velocity 414E and 50+ of their bull siblings
      airway. Use your fingers (or
      small tube with a bulb on the
      end)  to  remove fluids from
      the  back  of  the  mouth  and
      remove anything covering
      the nostrils.  Then, insert a
      piece of straw into the nostril
      as a probe to try to stimulate
      a sneeze reflex.   This reflex
      will cause the calf to blow out
      fluids from the airway and             J
                                             Join Usoin Us
      inhale.   It should only take          MARCH 26
      a few seconds.   Avoid hang-
      ing calves over a fence rail                 MARYVILLE, MO
      or picking up calves by their
      rear legs.  This is a common
      mistake.  The maneuver only
      makes it more difficult for
      the calf to breath by putting
      the weight of internal organs
      against the diaphragm and
      lungs which need to move to
      bring air in.
         2.Cleaning and Drying the
      calf.    This is the beginning
      of the maternal bond during
      which the cow will lick the
      calf dry and use her muz-
      zle to stimulate the calf to
      stand up.  Calving this time
      of year, when calves are leav-
      ing the cozy environment of                                              RED ANGUS • SALERS • COMPOSITES
      the mothers womb at a tem-
      perature of 101-102 degrees
                                                                     Silver Spur Salers
      F and hitting the grounds at           W                       Silver Spur Salers                             Scott, Stacy, Landon
                                             Watch for atch for
      temperatures 60  – 100 de-             updates on pdates on        David and Janelle Frueh                    & Easton Liebhart
      grees colder, make this very           Fa                               660-541-0361                          660-562-3481
      important to the calf’s sur-
      vival.  An attentive cow may
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