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         Cows  that calve  on time  season. Correct management  push selection pressure on  ber to separate young fe-
      are the number one indicator  of heifers is imperative to  reproduction.                  Ultimately, males from the mature herd
      that cattle within that oper- maintaining herd longevity.             young females are still grow- during this time as nutrient
      ation fit the managerial pro- Proper reproductive manage- ing and have higher nutrient  requirement of cows is lower
      gram.  This happens simply  ment  of young  females may  requirements than mature  and overfeeding the mature
      from timely reproduction. Re- include breeding 2-3 weeks  cows following their first  herd can become costly.
      productive performance of an  prior to the mature herd to  calving.  Therefore, it is im-               Importance of Calving
      operation is important to the  ensure adequate recovery  portant  to ensure  they  are                  Distribution
      overall success and bottom  time following calving. Oth- receiving the adequate nu-                        If a large majority of the
      line of that operation. Bench- ers may challenge their heif- trition to meet their nutrient             herd fails to calve in the first
      marking may be beneficial  ers by allowing only a short  requirements to maintain re-
      as it can help focus limited  (30-day) breeding period to  productive success. Remem-                                 continued on page 11
      management time on critical
      areas of an individual’s beef
      cow business. This year may
      provide opportunity to define
      an operations bottom line
      through outlining the calving              Cowman’s Kind
      Mature Cow Herd
         Calving distribution is one              BULL & FEMALE SALE
      way producers can evaluate
      their herd’s reproductive per-             February 25, 2023
      formance from the previous                 12:30 p.m. (CST) At the Ranch Barnard, Kansas
      year. The North Dakota Beef
      Cattle Improvement Associa-
      tion Cow Herd Appraisal Per-
      formance Software program                  115 GELBVIEH AND BALANCER®
      (CHAPS) put out production                 BULLS, 5 ANGUS BULLS and 80
      benchmark data for calving
      distributions. According  to               FEMALES SELL
      CHAPS, 63% of the mature                    •  All bulls have genomic enhanced EPD’s and are sire verified
      cow herd should calve with-                   and tested for Homo Black and Homo Polled
      in the first 21 days, 87% by                •  100% of the bulls selling are Homo Polled and 82% are Homo   Lot 111
      42 days, and 96% by 63 days                   Black                                               Reg. #1547714
      of the calving season. If cows              •  83% of the bulls selling are by breed leading AI Sires  Homo Black, Homo Polled, 40% Balancer
      calving in the first 21 days is             •  50 bulls are sired by bulls who have been awarded the Grand   bull AI sired by Crawford Guarantee
                                                                                                        that’s heifer safe and performance
      less than 60% and cows calv-                  Champion Pen of Steers for Carcass Value in the o cial   strong
                                                    American Gelbvieh Foundation Scale and Rail Contest
      ing in the second 21 days of                •  All bulls have complete ultrasound data and performance
      the calving season is greater                 information in large and meaningful contemporary groups
      than 25%, re-evaluation of                  •  Video of entire o ering available online after February 1
      the herd needs to occur.                    •  First Breeding season and injury guarantee
      First Calf Heifers
         Heifers are traditionally                 Customer service and customer satisfaction have
      bred to calve prior to the cow-               kept us in the seedstock busin s for more than
      herd. Benchmarks related to                                    60 years                           Lot 121
      first calf heifers include: 42%                                                                   Reg. #1387254
      of heifers calving prior to                                                                      Every sound 6 year old female sells including
      their scheduled calving date,                                                                    this ET daughter of the noted 223M2 donor by
                                                                                                       Baldridge Waylon.  Her son is a sale highlight
      76% of heifers by 21 days,                                                                       and she sells with a fall born bull calf at side
      and 88% of heifers by 42                                                                         and is rebred AI.
      days.  The one group failing
      to meet these benchmarks                                                                         Leland Clark: 785.392.0888
                                                                                                       Kyle Cavalli: 785.531.1947
      are 3-year-old females. While                                                                    Will Johnson: 316.737.9812
      every other age group has the                                                                    Office: 785.792.6244
      largest percentage calving in                                                                    3041 E. Hwy. 284,
      the first 21 days, 3-year-olds                                                                   Barnard, KS 67418
      have a larger percentage                                                                         E.
      calving in the second 21-day                                                              
         Breeding back first calf                                                                                     ONLINE BIDDING:
      heifers and 3-year-old fe-
      males can be a challenge and
      can disrupt the bottom line
      if those females are open fol-              “Where calving ease, performance and eye appeal come together”
      lowing the breeding season
      or calve late in the calving
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