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                    February 2, 2023   Volume 29   No. 1

                                 By Jennifer Shike                                                    By Jenna Hoffman
         A coalition of public health                                          A group of 17 organiza- ranches,” says  Travis Cush-
      advocacy groups and online                                            tions are challenging the new  man, Farm Bureau’s deputy
      activists have filed a lawsuit                                        Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS)  general counsel.  “We filed
      against the FDA and its Cen-                                          definition through a lawsuit  our lawsuit to stop it.”
      ter for  Veterinary Medicine                                          against the EPA.                     The lawsuit comes as the
      (CVM), challenging the deci-                                             “The EPA’s new rule dou- EPA published its final defi-
      sion to keep important anti-                                          bles down on the significant  nition  of  WOTUS on Dec.
      biotics in animal agriculture.                                        nexus test, which is this un- 30, which  gives federal pro-
         The  lawsuit,  filed  on  Jan.                                     workable test for jurisdiction  tection to large waterways,
      24 by the Alliance of Nurses                                          of when the federal govern- such as interstate rivers and
      for  Healthy  Environments,  use of these medicines has               ment regulates farms and  streams, and adjacent wet-
      Food Animal Concerns Trust,  contributed to the rise and                                                lands.
      Natural  Resources  Defense  spread of antibiotic-resistant                                                The new rule largely re-
      Council, and Public Citizen,  bacteria–a growing public                                                 vives a definition of WOTUS
      claims the FDA violated the  health crisis responsible for                                              released during the Rea-
      Administrative        Procedure 35,000 deaths and over 2.8                                              gan-era, updated to accom-
      Act when it denied a 2016  million cases of illness each                                                modate limits the Supreme
      petition by the groups to ban  year in the United States.”                                              Court has placed on federal
      the use of medically import-          Domestic sales and dis-                                           jurisdiction during the inter-
      ant antibiotics for disease  tribution of medically im-                                                 vening 36 years.
      prevention in livestock and  portant antimicrobial drugs
      poultry.                           approved for use in food-pro-                                                      continued on page 12
         The FDA denied the peti- ducing animals decreased by
      tion in 2021, despite, accord- less than 1% between 2020              SHIP IT ACT COULD SAVE TRUCK DRIVERS UP
      ing to the lawsuit, generally  and 2021. Since the signif-                    TO $10,000 AND COVER CDL COSTS
      agreeing that the overuse of  icant decrease in sales vol-                                      By Jenna Hoffman
      antibiotics in food-produc- ume in 2017, annual sales of
      ing animals can contribute  medically important antimi-                 Foreign     ocean     carriers cording to some legislators.
      to the development of an- crobials have remained at re-               were found to be leaving con-        Reps. Dusty Johnson (R-
      tibiotic-resistant     bacteria, duced levels, according to the       gested U.S. ports emptyhand- S.D.) and Jim Costa (D-Ca.)
      the Center for Infectious Dis- U.S. FDA’s Center for Veteri-          ed in 2021 and 2022, amid a  recently introduced the Safer
      ease Research and Policy at  nary Medicine’s (CVM) 2021               massive supply chain grid- Highways              and    Increased
      the University of Minnesota  Summary Report on Antimi-                lock.  The Ocean Shipping  Performance for Interstate
      wrote.  The  lawsuit  says  the  crobials Sold or Distributed                             Reform Act  Trucking (SHIP IT) Act to ex-
      agency did not address the  for Use in Food-Producing                                     (OSRA)  pand the trucking workforce
      petition’s core concern that  Animals. Compared to 2015                                   was  estab- and offer flexibility in times
      the use of antibiotics for dis- (peak year of sales), 2021                                lished    to of need.
      ease prevention in livestock  sales decreased 38%.                                        solder  the      “Disruptions in our truck-
      and  poultry  poses  a  signifi-   Drovers                                                sea supply  ing supply chain continue to
      cant threat to human health.                                                              chain back  drive up costs and create un-
         The groups claim the “mis-                                                             together,  certainty for  American con-
                                                                                                but    more sumers and producers,” said
                                                                                                needs     to Costa.  “We need  to recruit,
        USDA PROPOSES AMENDMENTS TO APHIS’S                                                     be     done train, and retain truck driv-
                  TRACEABILITY REGULATIONS                                                      inland,  ac-
                        By Jenna Hoffman and Jim Wiesemeyer                                                                 continued on page 12
         USDA published a pro- including
      posed rule which would  the agen-                                                                     Coming Sales-46
      amend U.S. animal disease  cy  using
      traceability regulations to  the term                                                                 Life is Simple-5
      require eartags in cattle and  EID tags                                                               Market Report-8
      bison that are both visually  instead                                                                 Agribusiness
      and electronically readable  of radio
      — electronic identification  frequency identification                                                 Directory-44
      (EID) tags.                        (RFID)  tags. APHIS  said
         Some changes have been  that is to accommodate the
      made to a prior APHIS plan,                     continued on page 12
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