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       Create your game plan before a bull sale for optimum efficiency.

       By Taylor Grussing
                                                                             Photo by Kasey Brown
         Selecting new herd sires is  only, cows only or both? By an-
      an annual process for beef pro- swering this question, the flow
      ducers. Before attending any  chart suggests which expected
      bull  sale,  or  ordering  semen  progeny differences (EPDs)
      from an artificial insemina- and indexes to consider based
      tion (AI) rep, take the time to  on your unique answers.
      read  through  sale  books  and       The remaining consider-
      identify which characteristics  ations on the flow chart gauge
      are of most and least impor-
      tance for the next herd sire to                 continued on page 14
      contribute to your operation.
      The ultimate goal is to choose
      a sire that  will  enhance  the
      current cow herd in terms of
      the reproductive success of the
      daughters he sires, as well as
      the performance of his termi-
      nal progeny.
         The data included in sale                                  March 27, 2022 • 1 p.m.arch 27, 2022 • 1 p.m.
      books can help sort through
      bull consignments and AI di-                   Nodaway County Community Building | 25669 Hawk Road, Maryville, MOodaway County Community Building | 25669 Hawk Road, Maryville, MO
      rectories; however, the selec-
      tion process will be unique to
      each beef producer and their
      herd  goals  based on the en-
      vironment of their operation
      and marketing avenue for
      their cattle.

      Cow herd vision
         Select a herd sire that will
      complement your herd.  Take
      time to objectively critique
      areas that need improvement
      in your cow herd. Identify
      areas to improve the unifor-
      mity and marketability of
      future calf crops. Write a job
      description for the bull, and
      target improvement through
      multiple-trait    selection    to
      avoid over-selecting for a sin-                S
      gle trait.
         This beef sire selection deci-
      sion flow chart is handy to as-
      sist beef producers in defining             BullsBulls
      breeding objectives when se-                         & &
      lecting sires. They offer some                                            Yearling & 18 Month Old Bulls | Spring Pairs
      example questions to ask
      when  setting  up  a  breeding                     Females                         Red Angus | Salers | Composites
         •  Will replacement heifers
      be kept?
         • What environmental lim-
      itations are present?                                         www
         • When will calves be mar-
      keted?                                        Visit our website or e-mail for a catalog.isit our website or e-mail for a catalog.
         Answering these questions
      will guide sire selection based             W
                                                  Watch for updates on Facebookatch for updates on Facebook
      on traits that are important to
      herd management and mar-
                                                             Silver Spur Salers
      keting.                                                Silver Spur Salers
         Then determine the breed-                              Da                                     S
                                                                                                       Scott, Stacy, Landoncott, Stacy, Landon
                                                                David and Janelle Fruehvid and Janelle Frueh
      ing  group that the  sire will                                660-541-0361                       & East
                                                                                                       & Easton Liebharton Liebhart
      be with. Will he breed heifers                                                                   660-562-3481
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