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        Cold Weather Nutrition for Beef Cows By Dana Zook - Northwest OK Extension Livestock Specialist
         Just before Christmas, I told  an additional 21% energy to  is much higher and therefore  fed just twice or three times
      my husband that I wished the  maintain body condition (32°- they will need an additional  per week may benefit from
      weather was more character- 11° = 21° x 1%= 21%).                     4.5-5 pounds 20% cubes daily.  feeding more often to distrib-
      istic of the season. “Be careful      So how much would pro- Increasing feeding allotments  ute  higher feeding  levels.  A
      what you wish for,” he said. As  ducers need  to feed  to meet  like this could cause some di- higher quality hay can also
      you all know, winter came to  this increased requirement? A  gestive upset if fed all at once  bridge the energy gap in these
      us in full force on January 1st  producer feeding 20% cubes to  so it may be beneficial to in- situations, but it is helpful to
      with bitterly cold temps and a  gestating cows would need to  crease feeding at a lower level  know the hay quality and how
      little moisture for some. This  provide an additional 3.5 – 4  before cold weather strikes  much is being provided.
      recent weather brings to mind  pounds of cubes daily to main- and  for  a  few  days  after  the
      the extra nutrition required  tain body condition. Lactat- cold snap to recover some en-
      by cattle in cold weather. One  ing cows’ energy requirement  ergy loss. Also, cows that are
      can’t forget the February 2021
      cold snap and the difficulties
      that cattle had maintaining                         Cowman’s Kind
      body condition during that
         There are many things that
                                                                             BULL AND FEMALE SALE
      impact the ability of cattle to                                        BULL AND FEMALE SALE
      tolerate cold and inclement
      weather.  Haircoat  is  the  first
      aspect that makes a great deal                                FEBRUARY 26, 2022 • 12:30 PM (CST)
      of difference in cattle’s ability                             Post Rock Cattle Company Sale Facility • Barnard, Kansas
      to withstand cold tempera-                                            120 BULLS SELL • 80 FEMALES SELL
      tures. The amount of moisture                                                      ®
      and how wet the haircoat is                                       Gelbvieh and Balancer • Including all six year old cows.
                                                                           All bulls have Genomic Enhanced EPDs and are parent veri  ed.
      also impacts cold tolerance.
      Rainfall, melting snow or ice                  HE                                         HE
                                                                                                HE SELLS. SELLS.
                                                     HE SELLS. SELLS.
      increases  cold  stress.  In  ad-
      dition, cattle in lower body
      conditions (less than BCS 5),
      have less tolerance for cold.
      All cattle will need extra feed
      to maintain body condition
      and  manage  stress  from  the
      cold, but those needs may vary
      from one group to the next.
         So how much extra nutri-
      tion are we talking about? The                 SHE                                        SHE
                                                                                                SHE SELLS. SELLS.
                                                     SHE SELLS. SELLS.
      Mesonet Cattle Comfort Advi-
      sor is an excellent tool for get-
      ting an idea of cold conditions
      and the impact they have on
      cattle performance. According
      to the Mesonet Cattle Com-
      fort  Advisor,  a  cow’s  energy
      requirement increases 1% for
      each degree the cattle comfort
      index is below 32. This ener-
      gy need would double to 2% if                  HE                                         HE SELLS. SELLS.
                                                     HE SELLS. SELLS.
      the animal is wet to the skin.
      Let’s look at a realistic exam-
      ple. At 1:30 pm on January 6,
      the cattle comfort index was
      11 degrees in Kingfisher, OK.
      As many will recall, this was
      a dry cold with no moisture.
      According to the increased
      energy requirement of 1% (no
      moisture), cattle would need
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