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                    February 3, 2022   Volume 28   No. 1

              EPA ON STANDBY AS SUPREME COURT                                           THREE QUESTIONS FOR THE
                  RECONSIDERS WOTUS RULINGS                                                  2022 CATTLE MARKET
                                 By Jenna Hoffman                               By Kenny Burdine, Livestock Marketing Specialist, University of Kentucky
         Supreme Court justices                                               From my per-
      said recently that they will                                          spective, cow-calf
      consider a 15-year-long  Wa-                                          operators     have
      ters of the U.S. (WOTUS)                                              been as frustrat-
      issue  involving  a couple  —                                         ed over the last
      the Sacketts — from Idaho                                             couple of years as
      who previously pleaded and                                            I have ever seen
      won a case regarding their                                            them.      Several
      building a home near Priest                                           commodity mar-
      Lake.                              The AFBF suggests EPA halt their plan to   kets improved a
         EPA says the half-acre lot      rewrite WOTUS until it has more guid-  great deal during
      the couple built their home  ance in deciding which waters are catego- 2021, but the im-
      on contains wetlands, plac- rized under the federal jurisdiction. (FJ)  provement in calf
      ing the land under the juris-                                         prices was pretty
      diction of the Clean  Water  EPA’s determination that the  minimal. In re-
      Act.  Therefore, the Sacketts  lot is considered wetland.  ality, the cow-calf sector has               COVID in 2020 and sharply
      would  have required a per- The Pacific Legal Foundation  been handed 4-5 consecutive                   higher grain prices in 2021,
      mit to build on the land.          has chosen to represent the  challenging years. Funda-               calf markets have struggled
         The Sacketts have since  couple to show their support  mentals appeared to be set-                   to gain any traction at all. I
      filed a petition, disputing the                 continued on page 10  ting up for price improvement
                                                                            two years ago, but between                      continued on page 12
                   BEEF EXPORTS SET NEW VALUE
                       RECORD IN NOVEMBER                                                 CATTLE MARKETS IN 2022

         U.S. beef export value  cord pace at more than $7.5                By Josh Maples, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University
      reached another new high in  billion.                                                                   the weekly 5-area averages,
      November, topping $1 billion          November beef exports                                             fed cattle prices averaged
      for the second time in 2021,  totaled 123,641 metric tons                                               about $138 per cwt in De-
      according to data released by  (mt), up 7% from a year                                                  cember 2021 (the full month-
      USDA  and compiled by the  ago and the fourth largest                                                   ly weighted average report
      U.S. Meat Export Federation  monthly volume in the post-                                                hasn’t been released yet and
      (USMEF). November pork  BSE era. Export value was a                                                     could be a little different).
      exports were lower than a  record $1.05 billion, up 49%                                                 This is sharply higher than
      year ago, but year-to-date ex- year-over-year and exceed-                                               the monthly weighted aver-
      port value maintained a re- ing the previous high set in                                                age for December 2020 which
                                         August 2021. For January             Cattle markets finished         was about $108 per cwt. For
                                         through November, beef ex-         2021 on a much stronger note      reference, there has been
                                         ports were on a record vol-        than in the past few years.       only one month (May 2017)
                                         ume pace at 1.32 million mt,       Optimism for higher prices        that topped $138 since mid-
                                         up 16% from a year ago. Beef       in 2022 has been building for     2015.
                                         export value, which had al-        months  and  market  activity        Cattle futures contract

                                                      continued on page 10  over the past few weeks has       prices for 2022 traded on
                                                                            only added to that optimism.      CME reflect the optimism for
                                                                              Using a simple average of       higher prices. Live cattle fu-
            QUESTIONS A PLENTY GOING FORWARD                                                                                continued on page 15
           By Kenny Burdine, Livestock Marketing Specialist, University of Kentucky
         What is driving recent  cember at several Ohio auc-                                               Coming Sales-46
      cash fed cattle higher prices  tion markets.
      at auction? What is the cat-                                                                         Life is Simple-5
      tle market going to look like      Auction Price Dynamics                                            Market Report-8
      in 2022?    Those have been           As we know in agriculture,                                     Agribusiness
      common questions as of late,       the law of supply and de-                                         Directory-44
      especially after record set-       mand still has a great impact
      ting fed cattle auction prices     on commodity prices. Let’s
      during the first week of De-                    continued on page 12
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