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       Proper placement and construction of windbreaks can pay off.

                      by Kris Kohl, Iowa State University Extension
         Winter is upon us and with  breaks, I would like to place
      it snow and wind. Cattle and  them about six times their
      farmsteads both can benefit  height away from driveways
      from properly placed wind- and  lanes to greatly reduce
      breaks.  There are two main  the time and effort of moving
      windbreak functions on a  snow around the farmstead.
      farm: livestock windchill pro- For  our  6-ft.  example,  that
      tection and snow windbreaks.  means 36 ft. back from the
      We’ll discuss how to use each  driveway.
      one to its greatest benefit.
         Livestock windchill protec-
                                                                                       62nd Annual
      tion windbreaks are built to                                                     62nd Annual
      be 20% open and 80% closed.
                                                                             Bull & F
      The normal high-wind direc-
      tion is the north and west                                             Bull & Female Saleemale Sale
      of a feedlot. By allowing the
                                                                                  Feb. 26, 2022 ~ 1:00 p.m.eb. 26, 2022 ~ 1:00 p.m.
      windbreak to be 20% open,                                                   F
      some  air will penetrate, but
      its speed will be reduced by                                                       at the Farm near Burchard, NE
      about one-fourth of the high
      speed. This means a 50-mph                                q    Selling    q
      wind will feel like a 37.5 mph                                                                    I Including Herd Bull Prospectsncluding Herd Bull Prospects
      wind, which is much more                            35 Polled Hereford Bulls                                     by Full Brothersby Full Brothers
                                                          35 Polled Hereford Bulls
      manageable.                                                                                                 Genesis & Garfield
                                                                                                                  Genesis & Garfield
         Snow  will  tend  to  pile  up                   40 Bred & Open Females
                                                          40 Bred & Open Females

      two times the height of the
      windbreak.  A farmer using
      cornstalk bales to build a
      windbreak might build it to           CT MISS WALKER 124G                                                                CT COWBOY 54H
      be 10 feet (ft.) high and have        X51 Granddaughter out of a                                                         Super LOEWEN MHF
      6 ft. of solid barrier and 1.5 ft.    TOP TANK daughter bred to                                                          COWBOY 2E son
                                                                                                                               out of the same cow
      of open space along the north-        KCF BENNET RESOLVE.                                                                family that produced
      west side of the feedyard. It                             BW  WW  YW  MM  Marb  REA            BW  WW  YW  MM  Marb  REA  FEDERAL. Powerful
                                                                                                                               coming two-year old.
      should be placed at least 20                              +3.3  +50  +75  +21  +0.13  +0.62    +2.0  +54  +91  +21  +0.21  +0.53
      ft. back from the yard for the                  CT MISS DYLAN 56H               GAME PLAN 65J                  CT SUNSHINE 2J ET
      snow  area. This area should
      also have a natural slope to
      direct the spring melt  water
      away from the yard. The pro-
      tected area will be 10 times
      the height, which, in our case           BW  WW  YW  MM  Marb  REA         BW  WW  YW  MM  Marb  REA        BW  WW  YW  MM   Marb  REA
      is going to be 100 ft. down-             +0.8  +51  +86  +29  +0.19  +0.26  +2.5  +59  +97  +29  +0.12  +0.53  +2.3  +66  +109  +31  +0.31  +0.61
      wind. We would like to place             Very nice DYLAN daughter out of one of our   This goggle eyed, thick GARFIELD son was   Fantastic ET son of LOEWEN GENESIS
      the feedbunks and water in               very top cow families here. Bred to NJW   our heaviest weaning weight calf! GARFIELD   and out of the top CMF ANODYNE daughter
      this  zone, along with drive-            139C 103C RIDGE 254G.          is a full flush brother to GENESIS.  VICTORIA 282D. Herd Bull alert!!
      ways for traffic.                             CT MISS WALKER 138G               CT FRONTMAN 16J                  CT HUSKER 119H
         Snow is always a problem
      in the winter and moving it
      around with equipment does
      not add to the bottom line.
      Snow windbreaks are built to
      be 50% solid and 50% open.               BW  WW  YW  MM  Marb  REA          BW  WW  YW  MM   Marb  REA      BW  WW  YW  MM  Marb  REA
      They will dump and drift                 +4.1  +61  +89  +21  +0.08  +0.55  +3.6  +61  +102  +28  +0.16  +0.46  +1.7  +59  +93  +26  +0.21  +0.96
      snow  for  three  to  four  times        X51 Granddaughter out of a top REVOLUTION   Powerful GARFIELD son out of a ANODYNE   Great son of NJW 160B 02X HISTORIC
      the height of the windbreak              granddaughter bred to LOEWEN CMF MENDEL.  grandaughter first calf heifer.  84E ET and out of a perfect uddered X51
                                                                                                              daughter. This bull has pigment and excellent
      and the height of the drift             *EPDs up to date as of 01/04/22                                 phenotype.
      will be 1.2 times the height
      of the windbreak. For exam-                                      Tegtmeier Polled Herefordsegtmeier Polled Herefords
      ple, if we start with a 6-ft.-                         q             Russ Tegtmeier - 402.865.5805 h / 402.335.0470 cTegtmeier - 402.865.5805 h / 402.335.0470 c  q
      high bale that’s 6-ft. wide,                                               71556 609 Ave., Burchard, NE 68323Ave., Burchard, NE 68323
                                                                                 71556 609
      with a 6-ft.-wide space, this
      will accumulate snow for 24
      ft. with a drift that will be 7.2        Register to bid onlin       Watch for Videos, Photos & Catalog atatch for Videos, Photos & Catalog at  Joel Birdw
                                               Register to bid onlinee
                                                                                                                     Joel Birdwell - Auctioneerell - Auctioneer
      ft. high about 18 ft. back from                                 www
                                                             Kingfisher, OK /  405-368-1058Kingfisher, OK /  405-368-1058
      the fence.  With snow wind-
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