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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · February 3, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,                  good as new.”                      the Christmas feast. Since we  sometime in March.
        Jerry Crownover                     A    goodly     number      of don’t have any grandchildren,         Regardless,      there     are
                                         health-related issues over the  our immediate family that            enough tasty pies, cakes, can-
                                         past couple of years have left  gathers for any holiday is quite  dies, and other treats scattered
                                         me wondering, when I arise  small. However, that does not  throughout  the  house  that,
                                         each morning, which body part  prevent my wife from prepar- even after stuffing oneself on
                                         I will need to have repaired, re- ing enough delicious food to  the main meal, you can justi-
                                         placed, or reconstructed. Such  feed a platoon of soldiers re- fy, “Just a bite of this couldn’t
                                         was the case this last Christ- turning from a twenty-mile  hurt…much.”
                                         mas Day.                           march. She rationalizes that         At the conclusion of Christ-
                                            The kids had come out to  enough food can be sent home  mas day, Judy had filled about
                                         the farm for the weekend, and  with the kids to  alleviate a
                                         Judy had been busy preparing  need for them to cook, until                         continued on page 26

         My first tractor was a for-
      eign-made, off-brand machine,
      that served its purpose fairly
      well, for a number of years.
      Unfortunately, I came to re-
      alize that every year, I would
      have to repair, replace, or re-
      construct some major compo-
      nent of the implement, for it
      to be useful for another year.
      By the time I traded it off for a
      good, American-made  tractor,
      I had replaced enough of its
      essential parts that I had no
      problem in proclaiming it, “As

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