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Feeding Frosted Forages                                      By Dr. R. Mark Sulc, Professor & Extension Forage Specialist
                                                                                                The Midwest Cattleman · October 27, 2022 · P11

         I am beginning to get ques- after a frost.                         should be care-
      tions about toxicities that        Prussic Acid Toxicity              fully followed
      can develop after forages                                             because prussic
                                            Several forage and weed
      are frosted.  There is poten-      species contain compounds          acid is a gas and
      tial for some forage toxicities                                       can      dissipate
      and other problems that can        called cyanogenic glucosides       during shipping
                                         that  are  converted  quickly
      develop after a frost. Prussic                                        leading to a false
      acid poisoning and high ni-        to  prussic  acid  (i.e., hydro-   sense of security
                                         gen cyanide) in freeze-dam-
      trates are  the main concern                                          when no prussic
      with  a few  specific annu-        aged  plant  tissues,  or under    acid  is  found  in
                                         drought conditions. Some
      al forages and several weed                                           the sample. Call
      species, but there is also an      labs provide prussic acid                               There is potential for some forage toxicities and other
                                         testing of forages. Sampling
      increased risk of bloat when                                         continued on page 14  problems that can develop after a frost.
      grazing legumes after a frost.     and shipping guidelines
         Nitrate      accumulation
      in frosted forages. Freez-
      ing damage slows down me-
      tabolism in all plants, and
      this might result in nitrate
      accumulation  in  plants  that
      are still growing, especially
      grasses like oats and other
      small grains, millet, and su-
      dangrass.  This build-up usu-
      ally is not hazardous to graz-
      ing animals, but greenchop
      or hay cut right after a freeze
      can be more dangerous. When
      in doubt, send in a sample to
      a forage testing lab and re-
      quest a nitrate test before
      grazing or feeding a forage



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