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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · October 26, 2023 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  never met nor talked to him,         “Sixty bales ought to do me,  plied, “It was running when I
                                         until he happened to show up  but I’ve only got an old tractor  parked it a year or two ago.”
                                         at the local general store one  to trade for it.”                    He added that the tires were
                                         day, when I was there.               Even at the tender age  flat now, but that they had also
                                            “You’re that Crownover  of fifteen, my trading ears  held air when last parked.
                                         boy,” he said.                     perked up and I started quiz-        That night I told my dad
                                            A bit puzzled, because I  zing the gentleman  about  about the offer, but he didn’t
                                         didn’t recognize him, I cau- the kind and condition of the  seem too interested in the
                                         tiously answered that I was.       tractor. I learned that it was a  swap, so I asked him what
                                            “Your daddy got any extra  1940-something Allis-Chalm- price he was putting on the
                                         hay he could part with?”           ers, Model B.  When asked if  hay. He said, “$0.60 per bale.”
                                            “Yes, sir.”                     it was in running order, he re-                 continued on page 14

                                                     Missouri Opportunity Sale

         The first tractor I ever                    Missouri Opportunity Sale
      owned came about through
      a convoluted  transaction of
      money and hay, when I was
      only 15 years old.
         There was a reclusive old                Sunday, December 3, 2023 • MSF Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Mo • Noon CTS
      man, who lived in a decrepit,
      mobile trailer, just up the road                                OFFERING OVER 70 LOTS
      from our home. He usually
      kept a cow or two on his acre-
                                                                                                               Jalapeno 973E973E
      age, and I had always seen a                         Frontier            174E                            Jalapeno
                                                                                                 C&L RR KJ
      tiny, old tractor sitting beside               TH TH                                       C&L RR KJ
      his house, rusting and collect-
      ing dust, whenever we passed
      by. Even though he lived less
      than three miles from us, I had

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