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NCBA SECURES PASSAGE OF KEY ANIMAL                                                     The Midwest Cattleman · October 26, 2023 · P10
                          HEALTH PRIORITY                                   OKLAHOMA
         On October 2nd, the Na- (FDA) Center for  Veteri- continued from page 3                              oxidation and discoloration
      tional Cattlemen’s Beef Asso- nary Medicine (CVM) to col-                                               compared to control or rose-
      ciation (NCBA) hailed the re- lect fees from animal health            $3.73 billion annually due to     mary patties in PVC. This re-
      authorization of the  Animal  companies, which fund the               beef discoloration. Here are      search shows that packaging
      Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA),  agency’s review and approv-               some highlights of efforts by     and use of antioxidants can
      a top priority for NCBA that  al process for new animal               OSU  Animal and Food Sci-         reduce beef discoloration and
      is now law following Presi- drugs.  ADUFA ensures that                ences faculty and students to     extend storage shelf life.
      dent Joe Biden’s approval of a  the FDA has an efficient sys-         improve beef value.                  Dark-cutting beef has a
      continuing resolution to fund  tem for authorizing new cat-             Dr. Gretchan Mafi and           higher pH postmortem due
      the government. Included in  tle  medicines  and  diagnos-            Laura  Yoder studied natu-        to increased stress caused
      the continuing resolution,  tic tools that keep livestock             ral  antioxidants  and  differ-   by many factors including
      this "clean" reauthorization  healthy and protects our                ent packaging types on color      transportation, weather, and
      of ADUFA keeps the legisla- safe, wholesome food supply.              and freshness of ground beef.     handling. Dark-cutting beef
      tion in effect for another five  NCBA fought hard to ensure           Consumers prefer traditional      reduces carcass value be-
      years.                             that this latest  ADUFA re-        foam trays with PVC plastic       cause of negative consum-
                                                                            overwrap, but this may limit
         “Keeping our livestock  authorization contained no                                                   er perceptions.  A project by
      healthy is on every cattle  post-market              amendments       shelf life.  Alternatives like    Dr Ranjith Ramanthan and
      producer’s mind,” said NCBA  that would harm  the effec-              “Master Packaging” (MP) or        Morgan Denzer looked at the
      President Todd Wilkinson, a  tiveness of the FDA’s review             “Modified Atmospheric Pack-       effects of packaging type and
      South Dakota cattle produc- process, disrupt producers’               aging” (MAP) will extend          enhancement of dark cutting
      er. “NCBA made the ADUFA  access to cattle medicines,                 shelf life of meat products. In   beef with glucono delta-lac-
      reauthorization a top pri- or simply keep the legisla-                MP, products are first pack-      tone and rosemary (DCE).
      ority  at  the  2023  Cattle  In- tion from passing Congress          aged in traditional PVC and       Dark cutting steaks with en-
      dustry Convention, and I  before the September 30th                   placed into a large bag which     hancement had an increase
      am  proud  to  see  our  team’s  deadline.                            is flushed with inert gasses,     in redness in 24 h of dark
      hard work pay off with this           “Incredible       veterinary    such as carbon monoxide, ni-      storage. DCE steaks pack-
      latest reauthorization being  drug innovations are happen-            trogen, or carbon dioxide, to     aged in a novel nitrite em-
      signed  into  law. This  is  just  ing every day, and  ADUFA          create an anaerobic condi-        bedded packaging improved
      one of many examples of how  ensures  that the  FDA has               tion.  Modified Atmospheric       surface redness during retail
      NCBA works hard to protect  the resources it needs to re-             Packaging  is where  beef is      display. However, repackag-
      our interests in Washington,  view these new technologies             place in rigid trays with air     ing DCE steaks in PVC de-
      D.C.”                              for safety and efficacy and        evacuated and then back-          creased color stability and
                                                                            flushed with gas mixtures.
         ADUFA allows the Food  to bring them to market for                                                   redness of steaks within 12 h
      and  Drug Administration’s  cattle producers,” said NCBA              Rosemary, green tea, and          of the display. The enhance-
                                                                            a combination of rosemary
                                                      Chief Veterinar-                                        ment decreased internal red-
                                                      ian Dr. Kathy         + green tea was added to          ness upon cooking, and pan-
                                                                            ground beef and formed into
                                                      Simmons.       “We                                      elists did not notice major
                                                      are  pleased  that    patties. Patties were pack-       tenderness  differences. This
                                                                            aged into PVC, MAP or MP.
                                                      Congress passed                                         research suggests that adopt-
                                                      the ADUFA reau-       Panelists strongly detect-        ing appropriate packing and
                                                                            ed the green-hay  flavor  in
                                                      thorization and                                         enhancement technology has
                                                      President Biden       patties with rosemary and         the potential to increase the
                                                                            rosemary + green tea antiox-
                                                      signed  it  into                                        value of dark-cutting beef.
                                                      law.”                 idants. However, patties with        The meats group at OSU
                                                                            green tea or regular ground
                                                         NCBA                                                 is very active in conducting
                                                                            beef patties did not have de-     research  that  will  improve
                                                                            tectable green-hay flavor. All    the economics of our indus-
                                                                            patties  in PVC had greater       try by decreasing waste and
                                                                            amounts of lipid oxidation        increasing consumer accept-
                                                                            and discoloration than those      ability of our beef products.
                                                                            in MAP. In PVC  packag-
                                                                            ing, green tea or rosemary
      THE HERD                           What do we want to do?             + green tea reduced lipid
      continued from page 6                 Finally, is the question of
                                         producer expectations and  in 2023.  Some older produc- beef cow inventory.  Neither
      of reduced female slaughter  whether producers are even  ers are looking at the current  Mother Nature nor produc-
      before any herd expansion  trying  to  begin  rebuilding.   market as a means to exit  ers seem to be in much of a
      will be possible. In the most  While  some  producers  can’t  cattle production, or at least,  hurry to get started with the
      recent herd expansion, the  rebuild due to continued  cow-calf production.   Sharp- next herd expansion.  When
      percentage of female slaugh- drought or drought recovery,  ly higher interest rates and  it does start, herd rebuilding
      ter in total cattle slaughter  other producers have com- the cost of financing herd re- is likely to be a lengthy pro-
      dropped to a low of 43.3 per- pelling financial needs to pay  building is also a deterrent  cess with strong prices sup-
      cent in 2016, two years into  down  debt or restore equity  for some producers and lend- porting the recovery of the
      the last cyclical expansion.   drained by drought and high  ers, especially when com- industry.
      The situation now suggests  input costs before retaining  bined with some skepticism
      that, once it starts, it will  any heifers.  Certainly, some  about how long the current
      likely take a year or so before  producers are beginning to  market will last.
      the cow  herd inventory will  retain heifers but, on bal-               All in all,  it’s beginning
      stabilize, and any expansion  ance, it  looks like  minimal  to look like 2024 will be, at
      can begin.                         herd rebuilding is starting  best, a year of stabilizing the
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