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                     Callicrate Banders: Rancher invented, industry tested

         Banding, if properly done, can be a humane, bloodless,  to make the job easier and
      and drug-free method of removing soft tissue and other body  the outcome better have con-
      parts, such as castration, horns, prolapses, tumors, velvet  tinued, including a specially
      antlers, tails, etc.                                                  formulated premade loop, a
          However, without proper tension, banding can be high- better method of securing
      ly stressful and may lead to serious complications if partial  the band  capable of holding
      blood flow remains. Sufficient tension is critical in achieving  proper tension, and the most
      complete ligation and suppression of pain.                                                important
                                                         “The bottom line is that               improve -     Tension indicator on the SMART Bander
         Ligation results from the application of                                               ment  for  a
      ligature or cutting off circulation to a spe-        high-tension banding                 consistent and successful outcome: a ten-
      cific body part. Like a tourniquet, except            is faster, easier, and              sion indicator. The tension indicator pro-
      tighter, it remains in place until the body                                               vides the operator with a visual indication
      part falls off. In the case of castration, liga-     less traumatic for the               the proper tension has been reached, which
      tion must completely shut off the supply of           animal than surgical                is sufficiently tight, but not stretched be-
      blood and bodily fluids to the scrotum and                  castration.”                  yond the memory and elasticity of the rub-
      testicles. Arterial blood flow, the supply of                                             ber.
      blood going to the testicles, is greater than          Matt Sween, UC Davis,                  Since 1991, millions of bulls, lambs,
      venal pressure, the blood flowing back from         Animal Science Department             goats, deer, and elk, have been castrated
      the extremity to the body. If the ligature                                                with a Callicrate Bander, in addition to
      band lacks proper tension, the high-pres-                                                 being treated for antler removal, dehorn-
      sure arterial blood will continue to supply the scrotum with  ing, prolapse repair and other applications requiring com-
      more fluids than the low-pressure veins are able to return,  plete ligation.  An endangered 250-pound male  Alligator
      causing swelling and pain, stressed animals, and unhappy  Snapping Turtle was even able to return to normal breeding
      livestock owners.                                                     activity after the Bander was used to remove a debilitating
          In 1991, rancher and feeder Mike Callicrate experienced  neck tumor.
      the complications of insuf-                                                                                  Other alternatives, from
      ficient tension with a load                                                                              elastrator rings — which de-
      of 600 to 700-pound cutting                                                                              pending on the size of animal
      bulls that had been band-cas-                                                                            may have  near zero tension
      trated in Oklahoma using                                                                                 — to the failed method tried
      one of the banding methods                                                                               back in 1991, to the newer
      available on the market at                                                                               wire-tie inspired devices —
      the time. The result was trau-                                                                           which by design cannot work
      matic and costly. Two veteri-                                                                            — all fail to provide an effec-
      narians worked for days sur-                                                                             tive and humane option to
      gically removing the swollen                                                                             surgery.
      scrotums and repairing  the                                                                                High-tension       Callicrate
      damage. Mike swore – never                                                                               Banders are easy to use, pro-
      again!                                                                                                   vide consistent results, and
          The veterinarians agreed:                                     "Easy to use,                          remain the leading choice for
      banding was not the problem;                                      works every                            superior animal welfare.
      it was lack of proper tension.                                        time."
      So, Mike began designing
      a piece of equipment that                                          Lynn Locatelli, DVM
      would achieve the high ten-
      sion  required  for a  safe and
      effective outcome.  The Calli-
      crate Bander was on the mar-
      ket later the same year.                High-tension Callicrate Banders
          Since then, improvements            are easy to use, provide

                                              consistent results, and remain
                                              the leading choice for superior
                                              animal welfare.                                                 "Bruiser", an endangered alligator
                                                                                                              snapping turtle, treated with a prolapse

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      WEE Bander for smaller livestock.
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