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The Midwest Cattleman · March 31, 2022 · P7

                                                         By Brooks Warner, OSU Extension Educator

         We are in bull sale season      Calving Ease Direct                be born unassisted than
      and many of you are look-          (CED) Example                      Bull 1.
      ing for a new herd sire.                                                Comparatively,         higher
         Before making sire se-             Bull       CED EPDs             numbers mean more calv-
      lections, I encourage you               1             +10             ing ease.
      to ask yourself,  “What are             2             +18
                                            Difference     +8
      my operation’s goals?” and                                            Birth Weight (BW) EPD
      select your next herd sires           Bull 1 should sire calves         Bull        BW EPDs
      with your operation goals                                                 1             +1
      in mind. Operations should         that are 8% less likely to be          2             -4.5
                                         born unassisted than Bull
      buy the bulls you need and                                              Difference    -5.5
      not the bulls you want.            2.  Bull 2 should sire calves
         Wanting to go for the styl-                                                     continued on page 13
      ish bull, the thickest bull        that are 8% more likely to
      and/or the biggest wean-
      ing and yearling weights
      is easy. However, beauty is
      (sometimes) only hide deep,
      and single-trait selection is
      never a good idea.
         For most operations, the
      main goal is profitability,
      and a few different aspects
      come together to help you
      achieve a profitable beef
      herd. Some of the most im-
      portant aspects of the prof-
      itable beef herd equation
         •Live calves
         •Fertile, easy keeping,
      productive cows                                                      19th Annual
         •Optimal performance at
      the farm and ranch, in the
      feed yard, on the rail and on
      the consumer’s plate                                      SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2022
         Sire selection should be a
      combination of visual eval-
      uation and expected prog-
      eny difference (EPD) data.                                     40 18-MONTH-OLD HYBRID & BRAUNVIEH BULLS
      A deep understanding of                                  45 PB BRAUNVIEH, HYBRID & BU INFLUENCE BRED HEIFERS
      EPDs can help you deter-
      mine which bull is best for
      your operation.
      Live Calves
         Typically, calves born
      with assistance, such as
      hard pulls, have a high-
      er death and sickness rate
      than calves that are born
      unassisted. Three  prima-
      ry EPDs predict the ability
      of a sire’s calves to be born
      with unassisted delivery:
      calving ease direct (CED),
      birth weight (BW) and calv-
      ing ease maternal (CEM).
      Calving ease direct (CED
      EPD) predicts the percent-
      age of a sire’s calves that
      will be born unassisted, BW
      predicts the difference in
      weight of a sire’s calves and
      CEM predicts the percent-
      age of a sire’s daughters
      who will calve unassisted.
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