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5 Principles of Grazing for Profit                                                                  By Billy Whitehurst, Makale Livestock,

                                                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · March 31, 2022 · P11
                                                                                                                   Whitehall, Montana

         Many cattle producers
      falsely believe they are in
      the cattle business. The real-
      ity is most are in the forage
      production business – some
      say the soil health business,
      or even the soil microbe busi-
      ness, but we aren’t here to
      split hairs.
         The reality is our graz-
      able forage crops are what
      we produce, we use cattle
      to harvest the crop and sell
      the cattle. We increase prof-
      it  by  economically  growing
      more grazable forage and
      selling more pounds of cat-
      tle (weaned calves, yearlings,
      feeder cows, etc.) for every
      acre of land. If we focus on
      selling more pounds per cow,
      such as selling larger feeder
      calves, we will be on a path
      to a slow but steady financial
      death, whereas if we manage
      our pastures in a way that
      sustainably increases carry-
      ing capacity and allows us
      to carry more animals – not
      bigger animals – we can in-
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        80 Performance Tested
           Registered Angus Bulls
           (30 fall yearlings and older)
        73 Females (41 commercial 2-
           year-old spring pairs & 32
           registered females-spring pairs,
           fall bred & spring open heifers)
        Cattle will be at the sale site
        by noon on sale day.
        Because of varied locations,
        only some animals will have
        videos available.  Check for
            Call (573) 581-1225 to
              request a catalog
           Sale Broadcast Online

              Mexico, MO  65265
           Ben Eggers  (573) 473-9202
           Bub Raithel  (573) 253-1664
         Blake McDonald (573) 205-7914
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