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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
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        Jerry Crownover
                                         this year, and the first real  had been unable to stand,  utes.”
                                         snow of the winter had the  or be licked clean by Mom.                  I don’t  remember how
                                         ground covered in six inch- Luckily, I found it within a  we came to have the thick,
                                         es of powder. The tempera- couple of hours of birth and  plush, comforter. I can
                                         ture was in the twenties,  was able,  with the  help of  only assume that it cov-
                                         when an old, red cow had  a neighbor, to get it load- ered the bed of one of our
                                         given birth to a fine, little  ed into the heated cab of  boys, many years ago, but
                                         heifer calf. Unfortunately,  the UTV. On the way to the  it has remained in a closet,
                                         the calf had become entan- house, I phoned my wife.  for some thirty years, and
                                         gled in some brush, when  “We’ve got one chilled to the  is used only to warm new-
                                         it exited its mother, and  bone. Be there in five min-
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         Most farmers, who raise
      livestock, have had a new-
      born animal inside their                                                             in the
      house, at one time or an-
      other. For  those of  us who
      calve, lamb, farrow, or foal
      in early spring, that prob-
      ably equates to many new-
      borns in our homes, over the
      years—and we most like-
      ly have a routine, that has
      been perfected with expe-
      rience. My wife and I make
      use of an old comforter.
         It  was  early  February  of

                                                            Saturday, April 16, 2022 Saturday, April 16, 2022

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