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THE IMPACT                                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · March 31, 2022 · P13
      continued from page 9              For example: Bull 2 should         LIFE
      five bulls used over the past      raise weaning weights by 30        continued from page 5
                                         pounds and mature weights
      decade that sired our existing     by 34 pounds.  Bull 1 should
      cowherd, and find the follow-      sire daughters six percent  born calves in our house. It  forter and walk around a
      ing EPDs specific to our selec-    more likely to get pregnant  fits perfectly between the  little, so we moved the calf
      tion goal:                                              and raise  oven and dishwasher in  and comforter to the garage
                                                              a  calf  to  our kitchen, and is directly  for the rest of the night. The
                                                              wean - in front of a furnace vent.  next morning, I returned
                                                              ing while  Judy had the comforter bed  the baby to its mother, and
                                                              lowering  prepared when I arrived  everyone lived happily ever
                                                              mature  with the baby girl.                     after.
                                                              weight of       The calf was wet on the            Last week, Judy and I
                                                              cows     by outside, cold on the inside,  were watching an episode of
                                                              20  pounds.   and unable to even open  my favorite YouTube farm-
                                                              Neither  its eyes.  With the furnace  er, in South Dakota, when
                                                              bull  is  ex- cranked up to high, Judy  he was assisting a cold new-
                                                              pected to  began rubbing the calf with  born by placing it in a fac-
                                                              change the  a series of old towels, while  tory-made calf warmer. Not
                                                              milk level  I fetched the hand-held  knowing that such a device
                                                              of the cow- hair dryer, to blow hot air  even existed, Judy enthusi-
                                                              herd.         onto the calf-sicle, as quick- astically stated,  “We need
         Now we consider the genetic values of two              T    h   e ly  as possible. After  a  cou- one of those!”
      new potential herd bulls.                               question is,  ple of hours of EMT work,            “I  don’t  think  so;  they
                                                              which bull  by my wife and me, the  cost around eight-hundred
                                                              transmits  youngster opened its eyes,  dollars, and we have a free
                                                              more prof- and we took that as a sign  comforter.”
                                                              it   poten- to provide nourishment. It
                                                              tial to this  wasn’t able to suck, but the
                                                              operation?   esophageal feeder provided
          By comparing the EPDs          Take some time to consider  a quart of warm colostrum
      of the new bulls we are con-       the question.  I will give my  that seemed to be welcome.
      sidering to the five bulls that    answer next issue in part 2 on  By bedtime, the calf was
      sired our existing cowherd,        this topic.                        able to stand on the com-
      we can predict genetic change
      expected in the next genera-
      tion of cows in our operation.

      SELECTING                                                             is low in the order of prior- weaning weight that is a
      continued from page 7              Fertile and Productive             ity of energy use.  Thus, a  product of a cow’s ability to
         Generally, smaller birth        Cows                               cow will milk to her genet- milk and mother her calf.
      weights equal fewer assist-           One of the most import- ic ability before cycling and
      ed births.                         ant traits related to profit- getting pregnant. Milk is an              Bull        Milk EPDs
         Bull 1’s calves should          ability is a cow’s ability to  expensive trait because of                 1              +35
      weigh 5.5 pounds more at           get bred in a set breeding  the additional energy need-                   2              +20
      birth than Bull 2’s calves.        season. For a cow to start  ed not only to lactate, but                 Difference     +15
         Bull 2’s calves should          cycling (be in estrous), it has  also have enough body con-
      weigh 5.5 pounds less at           to be in adequate condition.  dition and energy reserves                The calves born to Bull
      birth than Bull 1’s calves,        According to published re- to cycle and breed.                       1’s daughters should weigh
                                         search conducted by Short            Milk EPDs do not predict  15 pounds more at weaning
                                         et al., the following is the  the daughter’s milk produc- than those of Bull 2.
      Calving Ease Maternal              priority use of energy by a  tion. Milk EPDs predict a                  This estimated weight is
      (CEM)                              cow:                               sire’s daughter’s milk and  from the mother’s milk pro-
         Bull        CEM EPDs               1.Basal metabolism              mothering ability as ex- duction.
           1              +10               2.Grazing, other physical  pressed in his daughters
           2              +18            activities                         compared with daughters of
         Difference              -8         3.Growth                        other sires. In other words,
                                            4.Supporting basic ener- it is that part of a calf’s
         Comparatively,         higher   gy reserves
      numbers mean daughters                5.Maintaining pregnancy
      have more calving ease.               6.Milk production
         Bull 1 should sire daugh-          7.Adding to energy re-                  “                                ”
      ters who are 8% less likely        serves
      to have their first calf unas-        8.Estrous cycling and ini-
      sisted than Bull 2.                tiating pregnancy
         Bull 2 should sire daugh-          9.Storing excess energy
      ters who are 8% more likely           You’ll notice that cycling
      to have their first calf unas-     and establishing pregnancy
      sisted than Bull 1.
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