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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · August 25, 2022 · P5

        Copyright 2022,                  position professor correct- word, that describes a period  nouncing or misspelling for
        Jerry Crownover                  ed my spelling of drouth, to  of time without much  rain- my entire life. It was an em-
                                         drought: She deducted points  fall, as drouth, with a th at  barrassing time for me, to find
                                         from  my essay,  and caused  the  end. Plus, many  people  out in an animal husbandry
                                         me  great  confusion  concern- of that era never learned to  class (now, they are called
                                         ing my prior education and  read (my father included), so  animal science classes), that
                                         upbringing. You see, I am a  only the spoken form of many  there  is  no  such  thing  as  a
                                         hillbilly, raised by hillbillies,  words were passed on to  muley  calf,  to  describe  one
                                         who trace their ancestry back  each successive generation.  born without horns. Rather,
                                         through many generations of  Ergo…drouth.                            the word polled is the accept-
                                         hillbillies, of the southeastern     College educators enlight- ed description.
                                         United States.  Those early  ened me to many words that                 A castrated male hog is
                                         Crownovers pronounced the  I had either been mispro-                                continued on page 9

         One of my favorite things
      to  read  each  week,  when  I
      receive my hometown news-
      paper, is a section where they
      reprint items that have ap-
      peared in that newspaper
      over the past century…and
      before. Last week, I was in-
      trigued by an item, from the
      early 1900’s, that had in-
      formed the readership of that
      time,  “All anyone can talk
      about, is the drouth.”
         I was a freshman in col-
      lege before my English Com-

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