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CHANGES TO LIVESTOCK                                                                       The Midwest Cattleman · August 25, 2022 · P10
      continued from page 3
                                                                             K-STATE LAUNCHES PROGRAM TO SUPPORT
      ically important drugs to  environment.                                       GROWTH OF SMALL PROCESSORS
      human medicine and to ad-             2. The focus of this plan is
      dress the growing resistance  on actions being taken by the
      of antimicrobials in human  Food and Drug  Administra-
      medicine by multiple bacte- tion’s Center for  Veterinary
      ria that have become resis- Medicine and other stake-
      tant to these antibiotics. The  holders  to  support  antimi-
      rationale for this is described  crobial stewardship in veter-
      in the September 2018 doc- inary settings.”
      ument from the FDA’s Cen-             I recognize that further
      ter for  Veterinary Medicine  regulations that fall on live-
      document,  Supporting An- stock producers can be oner-
      timicrobial Stewardship in  ous and a potential burden.
      Veterinary Settings Goals for  The key to understanding
      Fiscal Years 2019-2023.            this change is knowing that
         As  follows: “Antimicrobi- while  this  affects  livestock
      al resistance is a national  (and companion animals), the
      and worldwide public health  real reason for this change is
      challenge.                         to ensure the continued ef-
         1. Have been successfully  fectiveness  of  antibiotics  for
      and widely used in human  human use to treat disease.
      and veterinary medicine for           This is an extension of the       A group from Kansas State  small and very small meat
      more  than 60  years.  When  same plan that gave us the               University  is  launching  an  processors that are looking
      used judiciously, antimicrobi- Veterinary Feed Directive in           effort to help increase the  to build a new facility, ex-
      als can effectively fight bac- 2017. Back in July of 2021, I          number of small meat pro- pand their current facility or
      terial infections.  Their use  wrote about the importance             cessors in the state. Accord- update their food safety prac-
      and misuse, however, can  of having a  Veterinary-Cli-                ing to agricultural economist  tices.  Specifically,  they  will
      promote the development of  ent-Patient Relationship in               and team member Dustin  conduct a needs assessment
      antimicrobial-resistant bac- place.                                   Pendell,    while                               on  the  opportu-
      teria. When bacteria develop          That     relationship,    the   consumers       al-                             nities  and  con-
      resistance to an antimicrobi- foundation of how we care for           ways have had                                   straints of these
      al drug, that drug may be less  our patients and clients, was         an  interest  in                                processors when
      effective in fighting infection  shown to be critical  during         locally processed                               establishing or
      caused by that bacteria.           the COVID pandemic and             meat, there has                                 expanding their
         It is critical that we apply  will play as important a role        been a signifi-                                 business. They       1   0  1  0  2  , 0  3   r e  b   m   e t p   e S   n a     m   e l t t a C   t s e    w   d i M     e  h  T
       BSE Clinic Time
      a One Health approach to ad- when the new antibiotic ac-              cant rise in de-                                also will develop
      dress this important public  cess regulations go into effect          mand over the                                   individualized
      health concern, including im- in 2023.                                last two years. Pendell, along  food safety “road maps” that
       By Eldon Cole, University of Missouri Extension
      plementing good antimicro-            If you have questions about     with Jessie  Vipham, assis- will outline the goals of each
      bial stewardship practices in        We’ve  scheduled  four  clinics  of  cows  keep  coming  back  in  progeny differences (EPDs) and
        Has your bull had a breeding  how the antibiotic changes
                                                                            tant professor in the K-State  processor.   The team will be
                                                                                                               breeding programs or whatever
       soundness  exam  (BSE) since  where  you  can  get  your  bulls  heat.  There  are  no  other  out-
      human healthcare and vet- will affect you and your live-              Department  of  Animal  Sci- hosting five town hall meet-
       you pulled him from the breed- stock production, reach out
      erinary settings to slow the       completely  examined,  given  ward signs of trich in the bull  is on your mind. Ed Trotter with
                                                                            ences & Industry, and Rachel  ings across the state to meet
       ing pasture this summer? Fer- to your vet to learn more now
      development of resistance          parasite control treatment and  or cow for that matter.               Pfizer will be at some of the clin-
                                                                            Mui, assistant professor in  with small meat processors
                                                                                                               ics  with  information  on  their
       tility and breeding ability can  vaccinated and be ready to turn
      and extend the useful life of  so that you have a complete            the K-State College of Busi- about their current needs.
                                         out  if  everything  checks  out
                                                                             Here are the dates and loca-
       fluctuate in bulls from year-to-
                                                                                                               DNA evaluation program.
      antimicrobials. One Health  understanding of the upcom-               ness Administration,  were  For more information, con-
                                                                                                                Call the above veterinary of-
       year  and  season-to-season.  If  okay. In addition, if you’d like,  tions of our fall clinics.
      is the integrative effort of  ing changes.                            awarded a grant to pursue  tact  Vipham at  (785) 532-
       you’ve preg checked your cows  they can check your bull for the
                                                                                                               fices for your appointment time.
      multiple disciplines working                                          the project.                      3486 or
       and found several open, it just  sexually  transmitted  disease,
      locally,  nationally,  and  glob-                                      October 11 - Barry County Vet  Of course, there’s a limit to the
                                                                              Pendell said the team
                                                                                                               number of bulls the clinics can
       might  be  cause  to  check  him  trichomoniasis. Trich is on the  Services, Cassville
      ally to attain optimal health                                         hopes to provide support to       KLA
      for people, animals, and the       rise in this part of the world. It’s   Contact: Dr. Voyd Brown, 847-  accept so you may need to pick a
                                         suspected when a large number  2677                                   different time and/or a different
                                                                                                               veterinarian. It’s just important
                                                                             October 12 - Kent Veterinary  to have your bulls checked out.
        Buffalo Livestock Market                                            Clinic, Billings                    A survey of cow-calf farms in
                                                                             Contact Dr. Harvey Kent, 744-     24 states in 2008 showed that
                                                                            2222                               about 25% do a semen evalua-
          Special   Cattle Sale                     Special      Sheep
                                                                                                               tion on their bulls before turn-
        Vaccinated    Every                        Stock Cow      &          October 13 - Dake Veterinary  out. I doubt if we’re that high
                                    Watch our                  Goat Sale
           Cattle    Saturday     sale live on the   & Bull Sale            Clinic, Miller                     in  southwest  Missouri.  The
                                    Internet at
           Sale     12:00 Noon                          Contact: Dr. Chuck Dake, 452-     October BSE clinics in the past
                                                   3rd Tuesday  4th Tuesday  3301                              few years have found more prob-
         2nd Sat. of   Selling all classes
         Each Month   of cattle                                                                                lems with bulls than the clinics
                                                                             October 14 - Countryside Ani-     in  March.  Hot  weather  could
                                                                            mal Clinic, Aurora                 be more of a problem than cold
             Lyle Caselman - Owner-Manager: 417-345-7876 • Mobile: 417-533-2944  Contact: Dr. Mike Bloss, 678-  when it comes to bull fertility. It
                 Leon Caselman - Owner: 417-345-4514 • Mobile: 417-588-6185  4011                              could even be from fescue toxins
                      Call Lyle or Leon to find out what we can do for you:                                    consumed or a combination of
            Danny Cross 417-576-5461 • John Sanwald 417-588-9113 • Bobby Cole 573-674-3131   Besides the BSE, I will be at  factors.
                                                                            the clinics to answer questions,
                        Barn 417-345-8122                                   discuss  bull  sales,  expected
                                                  Green Springs
                                   Performance & Efficiency Tested

                             BULL SALE                                                                90 BULLS

                                                                                                         200 on test
                                 Sunday, Nov. 21st, 1:00 P.m.                                        Selected from over
                                    at Mo-Kan Livestock, Butler, MO                                    8 Breeds
                                                                                                     Large Genetic Pool
                              “Only the best
                              pass the test”
                                                    • ANGUS • GELBVIEH  •  LIMOUSIN •
                                                         • LIMFLEX • SIMMENTAL •
                                                         • BRAUNVIEH • HEREFORD •

                                                              Call 448-7416 for information
                                                                           & sale Catalog

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