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                                         it was nice and smooth at the
                                         bottom forming a nice little
                                         valley, but as it curled around
                                         behind our corral it was es-
                                         pecially steep and at the very
                                         bottom was a deep washed-
                                         out ditch perhaps another
                                         twelve to sixteen feet deep.
                                            We walked, climbed, and
                                         explored every inch of the
                                         network of coulees that came
                                         together and curled around
         It was about 1970.  My          our backyard.  In places we
      brother Doug and I were            could ride a horse down a
      three years apart which            deer trail and make our way
      would  make us  twelve and         to the other side – straight
      nine. My youngest broth-           across 200-300 yards away,
      er Kevin may have been old         but in most places, you            We walked, climbed, and explored every inch of the network of coulees that came
                                                                            together and curled around our backyard.
      enough to tag along – I can’t      couldn’t even walk down, or
      recall.   Growing up down in       if you did you had to take a
      Montana’s Missouri River           slanted route like a moun-
      ‘breaks’ provided us some          tain goat and go very careful-
      very unique experiences.  To       ly. It was steep.
      get an idea of what I mean by         Along the deepest and
      ‘breaks’ search – ‘Harvesting      steepest section was what
      on the Edge’ on YouTube ®.         can only be described as a
         Even though it could be ar-     ‘steel graveyard’ for all kinds
      gued that the house we lived       of  old  farm  machinery.   The
      in,  at the end  of  what was      previous owner had done
      barely a road, was down in a       what many farmers do – es-
      hole, it wasn’t at the bottom      pecially in areas with less
      – not even close.  On three        than twenty inches annual
      sides,  the house, barns,  and     rainfall and no machinery
      corrals were all flanked by a      shed available.
      deep coulee.   Now coulees, as        When he was done with a
      far as I know, are not found       piece of machinery, he would
      anywhere except in the west        just park it in a row with
      and northwest.  In other parts     other pieces of equipment.  If
      of the country, they might be      you have ever seen a row like
      called a ‘holler’, ravine, gorge,   I’m referring to, you know it’s
      gully or even a canyon.  This      like a walk through time with
      coulee was a canyon – it still     the small horse-drawn piec-
      is.  Water that formed it ran      es at one end, steel wheeled       My brother Doug on a visit back to the ‘breaks’.
      into Dog Creek (pronounced         tractors next – right up to the
      ‘crick’ there) and on down         last piece used – still right      name) had piled up several  – scattered for a hundred
      into the Missouri River. Over      where it was last un-hooked.       pickup loads of used tires –  yards or so.
      time, that water cut it deep.      There was something with a         most  still mounted on steel         When our dad found out
      It is steep, rocky, with an out-   ‘rumble-seat’, a self-propelled    wheels.   They were stacked  what we had done, he was
      crop of rock here and there        combine, and no one knew           in rows – you guessed it –  not  happy.    He  never  forgot
      near the top.  In some places      why but ‘Tuffy’ (that was his      right beside one of the deep- it either. Even after I turned
                                                                            est and steepest coulees to be  fifty, he would still bring that
        JUG Livestock Waterers                                              found.                            story up and shake his head.
                                                                              The saying  “boys will be  “What were you boys think-
         WesLynn Enterprises                                                boys” comes to mind.  When  ing?” He’d ask. He also had
                                                                            rolled off the edge, those tires  another saying: “One boy’s a
                                                                            would fly through the air  boy, two boys is a half a boy
                                                                            20 feet or more off the rock  and three boys… is no boy
                                                                            ledge, then bounce and roll…  at all!”  We proved that old
                                                                            bounce again and sometimes  saying true time after time…
                                                                            clear the ditch at the bottom  and we sure had fun doing it.
                                                                            and go half of the way up  Two out of three of us raised
                                                                            the other side before coming  a family of our own.   Yes,
                                                                            to a rest.  One after anoth- that’s right – we both had
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