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       Beef And Cattle Trade Rebounds from Pandemic Stocker Cattle

       By Derrell Peel - Oklahoma State University

         U.S. beef exports have  ues to be the fastest grow-                  Canada is the largest
      bounced  back from  the pan- ing beef export market with  source of beef imports ac-
      demic disruptions last year.   June exports up 159.3% year- counting for 28.2% of total
      Total beef exports for the  over-year and beef exports  beef imports for  the Janu-
      January – June period in  for the January – June pe- ary – June period.   Mexico
      2021 are up 21.5% over the  riod up 167% over 2019 and  accounts for 20.4% of year-                     compared to 2019).  Slaugh-
      first six months of 2020.  This  2020. China/Hong Kong is  to-date imports, with New                    ter cattle imports from Cana-
      includes a 46.2% year-over- the third largest beef export  Zealand  at a  17.7% share;                  da are down 21.6% year-over-
      year increase for the month  market with a 17.9% share  Australia, an 11.9% share                       year for the year to date and
      of June over the low point  of total beef exports.  So far  and Brazil an 8.8% share of                 down 15.7% compared to the
      last year.                         in 2021, Mexico accounts for  total beef imports.                    first six months of 2019.
         Compared to 2019, year- 9.5% of exports; Canada 8.1%                 Total cattle imports so far        Total cattle exports to
      to-date  beef exports  are up  and Taiwan, 5.5%.                      in 2021 are down 19.1% year-      Canada and Mexico are up
      12.1%.  Total beef imports for                                        over-year and down 20.2%          111.7% year-over-year and
      the first six months of 2021                                                             co mpa red     up 129.1% from 2019.  For the
      are down 3.7% year-over-                                                                 to      2019.    year-to-date, cattle exports
      year and down slightly by                                                                Total feeder   to Canada equal  78.4%  of
      0.8% over the same period in                                                             cattle    im-  cattle imports from Canada,
      2019.                                                                                    ports from     meaning that net imports of
         Japan remains the largest                                                             Mexico and     cattle from Canada so far in
      export market for U.S. beef                                                              Canada on      2021 are 59,340 head.   Cat-
      with a 24.6% share of year-                                                              the year are   tle exports to Mexico are up
      to-date U.S. beef exports.                                                               down 18.3%     385.3% thus far in 2021 (up
      South Korea is closing fast on                                                           for the first   143.9% compared to 2019)
      Japan with a 24.1% share of                                                              six months     and represent 4.7% of total
      beef exports for the first six                                                           co mpa red     cattle imports from Mexico.
      months of 2021.  The China/                                                              to last year
      Hong Kong market contin-                                                                 (down 21.7%

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