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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · August 19, 2021 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  pecially tough on someone  thing,  greater  than  five                  I had been at home for
                                         who wants to be outside,  pounds, for the entire first  about a week, after being
                                         doing things, and feels like  month,  post-surgery. That  discharged from the hospi-
                                         they are capable of activi- order, along with many  tal, and I hadn’t had much
                                         ties that they know they  others,  are  being  enforced  of an appetite. That hadn’t
                                         are not ready to under- by a nurse (my wife) that is  bothered me, since I could
                                         take.  The doctor’s orders  even  more  stringent,  than  afford to lose a lot more
                                         were strict, including very  the meanest doctor alive, so  weight than I had, at that
                                         specific  instructions  that  I don’t have many options.  point, but Judy thought I
                                         prohibit me from lifting,  I did, however, have a little
                                         pushing or pulling any- setback, a few nights ago.                                continued on page 22

         First, I want to thank ev-
      eryone for all of the cards,
      letters, texts, emails and
      phone calls after my re-
      cent stay in the hospital.
      Surprisingly enough, most
      of the correspondence was
      even from people to whom
      I did NOT owe money, so I
      know those were sincere—
      and appreciated.
         I feel great, but recov-
      ery from heart surgery is
      a slow process that is es-

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