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The Midwest Cattleman · August 19, 2021 · P4
                                                                            the first cow
                                         looking out over a pasture  to bawl when I
                                         of consistent, uniform cattle,  come into view
                                         if that’s what you want, and  every morning
                                         watch your planned matings  when I’m head-
                                         perform from season to sea- ing to the barn.
                                         son.   When custom grazing  She sounds like
                                         someone else’s cow-calf pairs,  a ‘fog-horn’.
                                         that’s not going to be the           If you haven’t
                                         case.  You go with whatever  realized it, these
                                         steps off the trailer.             cows are bawl-
                                            We always step them off  ing because they
                                         the trailer into a very secure  are not really
                                         ‘trap’  – with  good barbed- all that crazy
         Here in a few minutes, I’m      wire fence all around, but  about             ‘green
      going to walk out to the barn      by the time they’re ready to  beans’ and are
      and when I do the entire herd      move they are all very aware  ready for more
      of cattle down on the other        of what a single-wire electric  ‘ice cream’.  One
      end of this eighty-acres is        fence is.  Some were here last  university pro-
      going to start bawling.  This      year  and already knew  the  fessor, Jim Ger-
      chorus  will start with  one       routine, others - here for the  rish, used to
      or two, but then the whole         first time caught on very fast.   say it was  ‘ice
      bunch will join in. What’s the     I show-up and move that ‘hot’  cream’ and then
      song they’re singing?   “It’s      wire and they get new grass.   the ‘box’.   That
      time to move baby!”  Now, I        I say grass, but really, it’s the  may be more ac-
      may  be on  my  way to  move       clover  that  they  love.   As I  curate but either way, when  some will be running towards
      them, or I may not, but either     told my six-year-old grand- they are out of the best stuff,  that next new grass paddock.
      way – it doesn’t matter, they      son who asks questions about  they are ready to move.                Down in the far corner, will
      start singing to me!               everything, “They have to eat        Now I don’t name cows,  be that ‘fog-horn’ cow in her
         For the last two years,         their  ‘green beans’ before  but this old ‘fog-horn’ cow de- own personal patch of clover
      we’ve tried a new  ‘twist’ in      they get more ‘ice cream’.”        cides from time to time that  (not where she is supposed to
      raising cattle and grazing.           In every herd there are  because I’m running late, she  be) leading a chorus of com-
      While several of our neigh-        those with a different ‘flight- will  just  move  herself.    I’ve  plainers, but by the time I
      bors are planting milo to          zone’ – some are tame as cats  seen her stand flat-footed and  get to that reel of poly-wire
      graze through the winter           and some not so much.  With  just clear a hotwire.  Some- which may be down on the
      months with a lot of success,      this  system, I’ve found that  how, she has also figured out  far side- a quarter of a mile or
      our approach has been a lit-       by day five or six, even the  that this is against the rules,  more away- she will be there.
      tle more radical.   We don’t       most  ‘nervous’ cows settle  so when she hears the ATV  She’ll beat me to it so she
      have cows through the win-         down and relax.                    start up at the house, she  can be first in line.  She may
      ter months!    It’s custom            Now I don’t name cows.   will  ‘relocate’ herself back  be the only cow in the world
      grazing… so when the grass         Especially cows that are not  where she is supposed to be  that will bawl, jump back
      plays out or the snow flies,       mine.  But sometimes there  and join the herd. Why?  It’s  into where she is supposed to
      the cattle go home.  My wife       are those that earn a special  obvious…. She has got to be  be, and meet you halfway…
      of forty-two years prefers         name.  This year we have a  first in line going into anoth- all because she sees you and
      this new ‘twist’ because she       big cow that looks like her  er new paddock!                         hears you coming.
      wasn’t all that crazy about        momma was a  ‘black-baldy’           Here in a few minutes, I’m         If  you  could see it  all  in
      sometimes feeding hay or           and her daddy was a Santa  going to walk out to the barn  slow-motion, you’d think it
      breaking ice by herself in the     Gertrudis.  Her calf looks  and head down to move cows.   was a scene from a love story.
      winter anyway.                     straight Hereford which is  When I come around the end  But no, I’m not going to miss
         We all have our prefer-         just weird.    Although this  of the barn on the ATV, I’ll see  her when she goes back home.
      ences, and when you are            big cow has never offered to  half of the herd walking, but
      running your own cattle, ex-       do anything aggressive, from                                         KwC
      cept for the occasions that        day one, she let me know that
      the neighbor’s bull choos-         she wasn’t at all scared of me.      JUG Livestock Waterers
      es to visit, you can control       She’s also ‘smart as a whip’!        WesLynn Enterprises
      the genetics.  You may enjoy       Even  before  I  get  ready  to
                                                      move a fence and
                                                      open a new pad-
                                                      dock, she is al-
                                                      ways the cow that
                                                      is standing by
                                                      the ‘reel’.     When
                                                      I start rolling up
                                                      the poly-wire, she
                                                      is always the first         Performance Tested for over 25 years
                                                                                     Clean Fresh Water Every Time
                                                      cow  to ‘squeeze’                  Open Bowl Design
                                                      behind me into              Draw Tube for Natural Drinking Action
                                                      the new grass –          Feed Trap Keeps Feed out of Water Reservoir
                                                      always.   I know           No Flap, Disks or Balls for animal to move
                                                      she has got to be                          Ph: 515-771-6036
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