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                     August 19, 2021   Volume 27   No. 7

           NAVIGABLE WATERS PROTECTION RULE                                               TO FUTURE GENERATIONS

         The Environmen-                                                      Like many other farmers            “Our main goal is to keep
      tal  Protection Agen-                                                 and  ranchers, Tennessean  the land in the family in
      cy    (EPA)     recently                                              Mike Brundige is worried a  hopes that it will continue
      announced it would                                                    proposed change in tax policy  to prosper and grow enough
      begin virtual com-                                                    will  keep him  from passing  that any other future family
      munity         outreach                                               the family’s farmland on to  members would have the op-
      meetings  as  part of                                                 his  children  and  grandchil- portunity to participate,” he
      its process to revoke                                                 dren.                             said.
      the navigable wa-                                                       Brundige farms with his                       continued on page 22
      ters protection rule                                                  two sons in Weakley County,
      (NWPR) and replace                                                    in the northwestern part of
      it with a new Clean                                                   the state. They represent the
      Water      Act    jurisdictional   under the  Trump adminis-          fourth and fifth generation,
      rule. In addition, the agency      tration with the support of        respectively, to farm that
      stated its intent to carry out     KLA, NCBA and other agri-          land. Brundige is counting on
      the revision process in two        cultural organizations, and        there being many more gen-
      parts. First, it would under-      replace it with regulations        erations to follow.
      take a rulemaking to repeal        that existed prior to the 2015
      NWPR, which was finalized                       continued on page 10              TWO NEW MARKET REPORTS
                                                                              Beginning last week, US-           Biden’s Executive Order
        ANTHRAX CONFIRMED IN NORTH DAKOTA                                   DA’s Market News began is- directed the agency to  “en-
                       COW, 1ST CASE OF 2021                                suing two new reports based  hance price discovery, in-
           North Dakota officials are reporting the state’s first reported   on Mandatory Livestock Re- crease transparency, and
        case of anthrax this year in cattle in a Kidder County beef herd.   porting data to provide fur- improve the functioning of
           This is the first anthrax case of the year in North Dakota.      ther insight into formula cat- the cattle and other livestock
         State    veterinarian,     Dr. of the disease–  “Producers         tle trades and help promote  markets.”
      Ethan Andress          reminded  in past known affected areas         fair and competitive mar-            The new reports will be is-
      livestock producers to take ac- and  counties  should  consult        kets.  The new reports are  sued by USDA Market News,
      tion to protect their animals  with their veterinarians to            part of President Joe Biden’s  overseen by the Depart-
      from the disease, especially  make sure the vaccination               executive order on Promoting  ment’s Agricultural  Market-
      in areas with a past history  schedule for their animals              Competition in the American  ing Service (AMS).
                                         is current. Producers in Kid-      Economy.                             The first new report, the
                                         der County and surrounding                                           National Daily Direct For-
                                         areas should confer with their                                       mula Base Cattle, which was
                                         veterinarians to determine if                                        first  issued on  Monday,  Au-
                                         initiating first-time vaccina-                                       gust  9, will provide greater
                                         tions against anthrax is war-                                        information into the founda-
                                         ranted for their cattle at this                                      tional prices used in cattle
                                         time.”                                                               market formulas, grids and
                                            Effective anthrax vaccines                                        contracts. The second report,
                                                      continued on page 14                                    the National  Weekly Cattle
                                                                                                              Net Price Distribution, was
                                                                                                              issued  on Tuesday, August
          CROSSHAIRS OF DEMOCRATIC TAX PLANS                                                                                continued on page 23
         As the U.S.                                     releases and a
      Senate contin-                                     letter  to  Presi-
      ues    searching                                   dent Joe Biden                                    Coming Sales-30
      for some means                                     attacking Dem-                                    Life is Simple-5
      of balance to                                      ocratic   spend-                                  Market Report-8
      pass a massive                                     ing and tax pro-                                  Agribusiness
      infrastructure                                     posals, arguing
      bill, Republicans                                  they would put                                    Directory-28
      in July launched                                   family     farms
      a series of floor speeches, press
                                                      continued on page 14
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