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      CREEP GRAZING By Mark Z. Johnson

         Let’s re-visit the poten- more cost-effective solution.   producers will
      tial benefits of creep grazing.   Creep grazing programs can  use             legumes,
      While creep feeding, based  produce additional calf gains             pearl  millet, or
      on grains, has been studied  using forage rather than the  sorghum-sudan
      in the  animal science field  traditional grain-based creep  grass. During
      for many years and quite a  diets.  There are many ways  the cool season
      lot of data is available, typi- to adapt this system to each  months, annual
      cally the question of whether  individual situation, but the  grasses like rye,
      creep feeding is a cost-effec- bottom line is that it must be  oats,  wheat,  or
      tive practice comes up.  The  profitable.                             ryegrass     will
      simple answer for commer-             Most  forages  can be  used  be  used.  Two
      cial  cow/calf  operations  is  for successful creep grazing  different meth-
      “not in most circumstances”.  as long as they are high in  ods have been
      This is particularly true for  nutrient quality and readily  used  to  allow
      spring calving operations.  available.  Time of  year will  calves              access                  with entrance slots 18 inch-
      Calf weaning weights can  affect which forage is used  to creep forage while keep-                      es wide and place the creep
      be increased anywhere from  for creep grazing. During the  ing cows out. One method is
      about 20 to 80 pounds. How- warm season months, most  to build a typical creep gate                                   continued on page 12
      ever, in most cases, the value
      of added weight gain will not
      cover the added expenses of            WHY ARE WE STILL HERE AFTER MORE THAN 25 YEARS?
      creep feeding. Even so, not
      all operations make this de-
      cision based on the econom-
      ics. For example, seedstock
      producers may have entirely
      different objectives when it
      comes to creep feeding. Chief
      among those include market-
      ing and expression of genetic
      potential for growth.
         Creep grazing, on the other
      hand, has potential to be a



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