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                    August 10, 2023   Volume 29   No. 6

          CATTLE PRICE STRENGTH MARCHES ON                                       THE COUNTDOWN IS ON FOR EPA TO
                  By Josh Maples, Mississippi State University Extension                          REVISE WOTUS
         Cattle prices have been  for that strength to continue                                       By Jim Wiesemeyer
      on a strong ride in 2023.  into 2024.                                   EPA is facing a regulatory
      Many producers will be sell-          The chart below shows fu- countdown for amendments
      ing spring-born calves in  tures contract quotes for all  to the "Revised Definition of
      the coming months and are  of the currently traded CME  'Waters of the United States'"
      likely to be much happi- contracts. Futures contracts  (WOTUS) rule.
      er with the revenue earned  are standardized, and each                  EPA has now submitted a
      than they were when selling  contract terminates on the  package of amendments to
      calves during the past few  last Thursday of the contract  the Office of Management
      years. Feeder cattle prices in  month. For feeder cattle, one  and Budget (OMB) for their
      the Southeast are up roughly  contract is 50,000 pounds  review, although the specif-
      40-50% above year-ago levels  and the CME  Feeder Cattle  ics of these changes have not
      and current expectations are                    continued on page 25 been disclosed.  This action  the issues of the case more
                                                                            follows a restriction placed  effectively, enabling those
                                                                            on  EPA's  power  to  regulate  involved in the lawsuit to
                                                                            wetlands by the U.S. Su- respond  to the revised rule
                                                                            preme Court.                      without engaging in unwar-
                                                                              Additionally, the EPA has  ranted litigation.
                                                                            won  a  reprieve  to  postpone       EPA is expected to release
                                                                            its appeal against an injunc- the new rule by Sept. 1, with
                                                                            tion that stopped the enforce- a deadline from the court to
                                                                            ment of the WOTUS rule in  offer a progress report on the
                                                                            24 states, as guided by a ver- matter by Sept. 15.
                                                                            dict from the Eight Circuit          EPA has a deadline from
                                                                            Court  of Appeals. The  rule's  the Eight Circuit Court of
                                                                            enforcement has also been  Appeals to offer a progress
                                                                            halted in Texas and Idaho.        report  on  the  Waters  of  the
                                                                              Through a court filing, the  U.S. rule by Sept. 15.
                                                                            EPA has proposed that their       Drovers
                                                                            amended rule could focus
                                                                                MISSOURI PASSES NEW FELONY LAW TO
                                                                                    PROTECT LIVESTOCK TRANSPORT
          SENATE VOTES TO LIMIT FOREIGN LAND                                                           By Paige Carlson
                                 By Jenna Hoffman                             Animal activists look for  misdemeanor theft by a Mer-
         Roughly 37.6 million acres  land could come to an end fol-         ways to disrupt the livestock  ced County jury.
      of U.S. ag land is foreign  lowing a recent Senate vote.              industry, especially during          However,  in  the  state  of
      owned, according to USDA.             The U.S. Senate voted 91-7      transport.                        Missouri, those interfering
      The majority of these deeds  in favor of an amendment                   Unfortunately, some get  with the shipping of livestock
      are held by Canada, Nether- to the National Defense Au-               away with it. For example,  will now face a felony offense,
      lands, Italy, United Kingdom,  thorization Act of 2024 that,          two animal rights activists  following Missouri Gov. Mike
      Germany and China. Howev- if made law, would prohibit                 “rescuing” two chickens from  Parson's approval of the bill,
      er, select purchases of U.S.  China, Russia, North Korea              a Foster Farms truck in Liv- "Offense of Interference with
                                                       and Iran from        ingston, Calif., in September  Transportation of Livestock,"
                                                       purchasing U.S.      2021, were found not guilty of                  continued on page 10
                                                          Also included
                                                       in the amend-                                        Coming Sales-30
                                                       ment is a re-                                        Life is Simple-5
                                                       quirement       for                                  Market Report-8
                                                       the     president
                                                       to submit a re-                                      Agribusiness
                                                       port to Congress                                     Directory-28
      Roughly 37.6 million acres of U.S. ag land is foreign owned,   on any waiver
      according to USDA. However, select purchases of U.S. land
      could come to an end following a recent Senate vote.
                                                      continued on page 12
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