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The Midwest Cattleman · August 10, 2023 · P4

                                         ing – right into the next af-
                                         ternoon.  There was only one
                                         topic at cattleman’s meetings
                                         for weeks and weeks – How
                                         do we get through this?  How
                                         do we survive the loss of most,
                                         if not all, of our growing and
                                         grazing season?  Will this loss
                                         put us out of business?
                                            To be fair, cattlemen in
                                         other regions have faced much
                                         worse, and have faced it much
                                         more often, but that doesn’t
                                         make it any easier.  The fact
         The Summer of ‘23               that  others in  other  parts of
         Over the past two decades       the country were looking to
      this column has been about         re-stock or expand has be-
      many topics.  I’ve shared          come a real blessing in this  Producers who had an adequate amount of warm season pasture to graze this season
      the loss of family members,        challenge as prices have re-       hardly missed a beat. Photo courtesy of Ron Locke, Long Lane, MO
      friends – even dogs, with you      mained strong.  That is a real
      - our readers.  This summer,       positive now, but there may be     putting off developing warm  ducers, their spouse may say,
      there has been one topic that      no ‘waiting for lower prices to    season pastures got a huge  needed to slow down and
      has over-shadowed all oth-         get back in.’                      ‘wakeup’ call this  summer.   hand things over to the next
      ers.  We knew that someday it         Consider the average age        It’s time to quit putting it off.    generation a long time ago.
      would come and this spring it      of the cattlemen you know.         Our friends at Gamagrass  You get the idea.  Change is
      did.                               Many dispersing herds this         Seed Company in Falls City,  hard and sometimes we have
         For  several  years  now,       season may never be back in        NE have much of this year’s  to be forced into better man-
      we’ve watched producers in         the cattle business again -        seed production already sold.     agement and better planning.
      other  parts  of  the  country     ever, at least to the level that     Every challenge comes with         Mother Nature can sure do
      suffer through drought, in         they were.  “I’m done.”   We’ve    mixed blessings.                  that.   No one likes it though –
      some  cases  multiple  years  of   all heard those words too            Maybe some of those cows  it’s hard.
      drought, while we’ve had one       many times in the last few         needed to go to town a long
      nice growing season after an-      weeks.  I’ll never get used to     time ago.  Some of those pro- KwC
      other.    As one might  expect,    hearing them.   They shake
      some years have been better        me to the core – if only for a
      than others, but all in all we     moment.   It is for one family,       setting the standard
      have dodged the ‘drought bul-      one operation, one neighbor                                     30 YEARS
      let’ for almost a decade.          or friend – ‘an end of an era.’                    for over     30 YEARS
         This season was a dry… ‘di-     Change is the only constant.
      rect hit’.  I’m aware that it’s       Then something happened.                                     HUMANE    BLOODLESS    DRUG FREE
      mixed, from county to county,      It began to rain.  In some re-
      because folks in some areas        gions, a return to what seems
      are in great shape, but right      normal takes months - some-
      here in west-central Missou-       times years.  Where we live, it
      ri, we’ll be talking about the     can almost change overnight.
      summer of ’23 for a long time.     It does change overnight –
      Most of us liked the winter        from brown to green- from
      with no mud, but many were         dead(dormant) to alive.  Pas-
      worried even then.  We started     tures that were abused will
      the year and then the Spring       take much longer, but in some
      with a deficit and then came       cases, in just a few weeks, the
      a light shower on Mother’s         grazing season will resume.
      Day.  The next was on Father’s     Of course, lower temperatures
      Day.    We loved the low hu-       will help as we go forward.
      midity  through  most  of  June    Another summer will be in
      and July, but that crackling       the record books.
      sound when we walked across           In all of this, producers who
      pastures was telling – ‘this is    had an adequate amount of
      not going to last long.’   And it   warm season pasture to graze
      didn’t.                            this season hardly missed a
         Low  hay.    No  hay.    High-  beat.  Those who have worked
      priced  hay.    No  rain  in  the   all their lives to produce beef
      forecast. Those were the facts     genetics they do not want to                                           CASTRATION  MADE  EASY
      that many cattlemen in this        part with during an emergen-
      region were faced with.  Cattle    cy better have plenty of warm
      sales began to break records       season grazing available every
      – some starting on a regular       season.  Sometimes it will be               785-332-3344
      morning  and selling  all  day,    hay, sometimes it will be sal-              800-858-5974
      all night, all the next morn-      vation.  Those who have been
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