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The Midwest Cattleman · August 10, 2023 · P10
              NCBA WELCOMES PASSAGE OF TWO                                     NCBA MEMBER TESTIFIES IN SUPPORT OF
            ENDANGERED SPECIES RESOLUTIONS                                               BLACK VULTURE RELIEF ACT
         National Cattlemen’s Beef  cause it grants non-govern-               National        Cattle-
      Association     (NCBA)       wel- ment third parties the ability  men’s Beef Association
      comed the passage of two  to review cattle producers’  member and Missouri
      congressional        resolutions grazing management plans.  cattle producer Charlie
      that nullify the Biden ad- The  lesser  prairie  chicken  Besher recently testi-
      ministration’s     Endangered also only survives due to pro- fied  before the House
      Species  Act (ESA) listings  ducers’ conservation invest- Natural                    Resources
      of the lesser prairie chicken  ments, and this rule fails to  Water, Wildlife  and
      and northern long-eared bat.  consider  how  livestock  pro- Fisheries Subcommit-
      The U.S. Fish and  Wildlife  duction supports the birds’  tee in support  of the
      Service’s listing of these two  habitat.                              Black Vulture  Relief
      species undermines on-the-            S.J. Res. 24 would nullify  Act. Besher, the chair-
      ground, voluntary conserva- the northern long-eared bat  man of NCBA’s Proper-                          ber of producers lose calves
      tion work and hugely over- listing.  The northern long- ty Rights and Environmen- each year to black  vulture
      extends  the footprint of the  eared bat is declining due  tal Management Committee,  depredation,                        the    current
      federal government on cattle  to  White Nose  Syndrome,  a  shared how predatory black  framework for lethal take is
      operations, NCBA says.             naturally occurring disease  vultures take a toll on cattle  overly restrictive and bur-
         “The Biden administra- that is not caused by human  producers’ livestock and live- densome.
      tion’s listing of the lesser  activity. NCBA says the list- lihoods.                                       Introduced by Rep. John
      prairie chicken and northern  ing disrupts cattle producers’            “Black vultures play a role  Rose  (R-TN) and  Rep. Dar-
      long-eared bat create numer- ability to effectively manage  in the ecosystem, and cat- ren Soto (D-FL), the Black
      ous challenges for cattle pro- their land.                            tle producers have no desire  Vulture Relief  Act is bipar-
      ducers and fail to consider all       Both resolutions have al- to eradicate the species, but  tisan legislation that would
      of their critical conservation  ready passed the Senate and  to continue managing them  allow cattle producers to take
      work,” said NCBA President  now go to the President for  under such a restrictive sys- vultures without a permit,
      Todd  Wilkinson, a South  signature.                                  tem is ludicrous. The species  when there is an immediate
      Dakota cattle producer.  “We                                          is abundant across the conti- need to protect their live-
      appreciate Congress taking                                            nent, and no longer a conser- stock from injury or death.
      bipartisan, bicameral action                                          vation concern.  These birds  Currently, the U.S. Fish and
      to nullify these two listings,                                        are  extremely  vicious  pred- Wildlife Service issues black
      and I thank the House for                                             ators  and their  attacks  on  vulture depredation permits
      passing these two joint reso-                                         cattle are devastating, both  to states and  states issue
      lutions.”                                                             emotionally and financially,”  sub-permits to producers,
         S.J. Res. 9 would nulli-                                           said Besher.  “As a cow-calf  but these permits only allow
      fy the lesser prairie chicken                                         producer who has invested  for take of three individual
      listing. NCBA says the listing     One resolution would nullify the lesser   for years in voluntary con- animals per year. Given that
      is “extremely concerning” be- prairie chicken listing.                servation in Missouri, I’m  black vultures can attack
                                                                            proud to testify in support  multiple times a  month in
      MISSOURI PASSES                       Fueled by issues in trans-      of the commonsense Black  flocks as large as 50, the cur-
      continued from page 3              ferring hogs within her dis-       Vulture Relief Act. On behalf  rent permits are completely
                                         trict that includes a large pork   of NCBA and the thousands  insufficient to address the
      as part of a larger public safe- processing  plant,  Shields  ex-     of producers who are losing  problem. Black vulture num-
      ty package.                        plained to a local news source     cattle each year to black vul- bers are also on the rise, and
         The bill, originally spon- that trucks were being slowed           tures, I urge Congress to pass  they attack cattle in a par-
      sored by Missouri’s Rep.  down or stopped, tainted                    this legislation to give farm- ticularly vicious way, usual-
      Brenda Shields,  criminalizes  water was thrown into the              ers and ranchers more tools  ly targeting calves hours or
      any person who knowingly  truck  [trailer]  and  hypoder-             to protect their livestock.”      even minutes after birth.
      stops or otherwise interferes  mic needles were put into the            After 50 years of federal          The Black  Vulture Relief
      with a motor vehicle trans- loaded hogs.                              protections, black vultures  Act is also supported by nu-
      porting livestock; provokes           “[Animal Activist]  Groups      now number 190 million  merous NCBA state affili-
      or disturbs livestock when  like Direct  Action Every-                strong and are an abundant  ates.
      the livestock is confined in a  where (DXE) have small                species across the country.
      motor vehicle; or puts or plac- pockets of supporters across          Even though a growing num-
      es a substance on the live- the country that are willing
      stock that affects its health or  to mobilize for the cause, and
      use, according to the legisla- the  ‘lead organizers’ have            cessors expect animals that  cleaned, and valuable produc-
      tive documents.                    also shown they’re willing to      haven’t been tampered with.  tion time is lost.
         Activity of this kind will re- travel anywhere to conduct          Specifically, pigs go through        It’s been proven over again
      sult in a class E felony charge  ‘investigations’ and demon-          the entire process to get to  that these animals are trans-
      for the first offense and a class  strations,” explains Hannah        the plant, making sure the  ported in a very safe way with
      C felony for any subsequent  Thompson-Weeman,                 presi-  pig  is clean  and free of  any  very little stress, Shields adds,
      offense. Additionally,  felony  dent  of Animal Agriculture           contaminants, she adds. How- and the people who tamper
      charges may include prison  Alliance, in a PorkBusiness.              ever, if the processor comes  with the process, often animal
      time or a fine up to $10,000,  com article.                           across one  of these  hypoder- rights proponents, are caus-
      depending on the case. Pre-           From a quality, reliability     mic needles, production halts  ing unnecessary pressure and
      vious punishment included a  and food supply standpoint,              immediately until the source  interruptions to the livestock
      misdemeanor charge and a  Shields says consumers ex-                  of the needle is identified.  industry.
      $1,000 fine.                       pect safe protein and pro-         The entire line then must be      Drovers
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