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Factors Affecting                                                                          The Midwest Cattleman · October 5, 2023 · P6

       Slaughter Cow Values

       By Derrell Peel - Oklahoma State University
         As     of    mid-September, the range of 15-17 percent
      cull cow prices at Oklaho- from year earlier levels.  The
      ma auctions are an average  declining supply of lean beef
      of 33.1 percent higher year  is driving higher process-
      over year across all grades  ing beef prices.  The current
      and dressing percentages.   price of 90 percent lean beef
      Higher slaughter cow prices  is 17.3 percent higher year
      are the result of strong lean  over year.                             cwt. which means that the  Typically, a cow with between
                                                                            prices would be expected to  .15-.35 inches of backfat at
      beef markets and the related          With fall culling deci-
      growth in breeding demand  sions approaching, producers               vary from a high of $120.74/ the 12th rib.
                                                                                                                 •Lean: Slaughter cows ex-
                                                                            cwt. for high dressing Break-
      for cows.                          should  be  aware  of  factors
         Beef cow slaughter in- affecting cull cow value and                er cows to a low of $91.80/cwt.  pected to yield carcasses in
      creased annually from 2015  consider opportunities to in-             for low dressing Lean cows.       the range of 85+% lean. Typi-
      – 2022 and, after rising  crease cull value.    Table 1                 Slaughter cow grade is a  cally, a cow with less than .15
      sharply the past two years to  shows the average percent              function of age, weight, and  inch of backfat at the 12th
      the highest level since 1996,  difference in price of slaugh-         condition of cows.  The Agri- rib.
      is declining year over year in  ter cows compared to a base           cultural Marketing Service           As a rough guide, cows will
      2023.  Beef cow slaughter is  of average dressing, Boner              (USDA-AMS) uses the fol- be about 100 pounds heavier
      falling more sharply in the  cows.    The price of aver-              lowing guidelines to grade  for  increases in each grade
      second half of this year and  age dressing Boner cows in              slaughter cows:                   from Lean to Boner to Break-
      may end the year down in  mid-September  is  $108.38/                   •Breaker: Slaughter cows  er. Each grade increase is
                                                                            expected to yield carcasses  roughly equivalent to an in-
                                                                            in the range of 75-80% lean.  crease of one body condition
                                                                            Typically, a cow with more  score.    Additionally, the live
                                                                            than .35 inch of backfat at  weight of cows will change by
                                                                            the 12th rib.                     roughly 25-30 pounds above
                                                                              •Boner: Slaughter cows  and below the weight of av-
                                                                            expected to yield carcasses
                                                                            in the range of 80-85% lean.                    continued on page 14
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