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                                         great western artist C.M.  Bison.  They too face preda-              longings, just out of the water,
                                         Russell captured what those  tors - lions, hyenas, cheetahs,         as they walk across the river.
                                         crossings must have looked  leopards, wild dogs, and giant           In many, many areas you’ll
                                         like in his famous paint- Nile crocodiles who are wait-              see the riverbanks like wide
                                         ing  –  ‘When the Land Be- ing to prey upon them at the              paved highways – packed
                                         longed to God’.   With the  Mara River.  If you decide to            down by millions of tired feet.
                                         great Square Butte (which  save the $1400 and watch the              And, if you know where to
                                         you can see today in Central  migration on  ‘The Nation-             look, you can see those there
                                         Montana) in the background,  al Geographic’ website, you             to  exploit, rob, and rape.   If
                                         he painted the very  distinct  will hear the narrator begin          you know where to look, you
                                         details of the event: clouds  the story with these words –           can see the wolves.
                                         of dust, the travelers (young  “Life on earth is hard.”  That           Since this time yesterday,
                                         and  old),  in  long  lines  along  is about as much truth as you    about 10,000 of these travel-
         What a season it has been.   the steep trails, the river,  can get in one short sentence.            ers have arrived at the river
       Some are going to have plen- riverbanks like wide paved                There is another migra-         or somewhere at the border.
       ty of fall and winter feed –  highways –  packed  down  by  tion going on as you read                  Millions  have  arrived  since
       some will not.  Some have  millions of hooves, and there,  this.  Like other migrations,               this time last year. They too
       been baling every possible  all around them, he captured  there is a movement from                     faced predators, only more
       blade of grass in sight – pre- those there to exploit, kill and  where resources are scarce to         evil than any wolf or crocodile,
       paring for winter, and  some  eat - he captured the wolves.   where there are more.  There             waiting to prey upon them
       watched the rains go around  Wolves followed the herds.   are about 192 countries listed               along the way.  It’s hard not
       them  all  season  long.    Some  They attacked the weak and  with the United Nations, de-             to see some similarities, but
       sold every head they had, and  most vulnerable.                      pending on the year.   These      these are not wildebeest or
       some bought a few more.  Cat-        To see a migration like that  ‘migrants’ come from about          bison.  These are people.  And
       tle migrated.   Feed migrated.   today one would need to travel  180  of those countries, and          whether we choose to look or
       And  yes,  I’m  sure  you  may  to the African continent.  For  you don’t have to travel far to        not (many seem to just want
       know some – people migrated  about $1400 per person, you  see it ‘live’.   From a distance,            to deny or ignore it) the boats,
       as well.                          can travel to Kenya and Tan- it looks like a crossing at the         buses, planes, and trains
         Two hundred and nineteen  zania to see one ‘live’.  There,  Mara River, but this is the Rio          bringing them are often filled
       years ago, Lewis and Clark  “more than 1.5 million wilde- Grande.   At  the  river’s  edge,            beyond capacity and are  not
       were seeing the great herds  beest and 200,000 zebras, in  you see clouds of dust.  Stand              stopping.  There is a long line
       of  Bison  for  the  first  time.   search of better resources, mi- at the right place and you see     as far as you can see.
       Those herds migrated.  Mil- grate in a 300 mile loop every  the travelers (young and old),                What a season it has been.
       lions of them.  All during the  year.   The annual migration  walking slowly in long lines             Life on earth is hard.  It’s
       seasons, every season, they  is recognized as one of the  along the steep trails or crawl-             always  been  hard.   Even…
       moved from where resources  "Seven Wonders of the Natu- ing under the  ‘razor-wire’.                   ‘When the Land Belonged to
       were scarce to where there  ral World."  It’s hard not to see  Day after day, if you watch             God’.
       were more.  Sometimes they  some of the similarities of the  the right video feed, you can
       crossed great rivers.   The  wildebeest to the  American  see them holding their few be-               KwC

      The great Serengeti wildebeest migration (
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