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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                  The Midwest Cattleman · October 5, 2023 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  bered when my string of luck  but for whatever reason,  some foot races and other
                                         started.  After thinking long  there was a fill-in and, un- feats of skill. In retrospect,
                                         and hard, I finally pinpoint- surprisingly, students tried  I’m sure she wanted us to
                                         ed an event that happened  to get away with things that  burn  up  as  much  energy  as
                                         in the fourth grade, that may  would never have been at- we had, to make her class-
                                         have set the tone for the rest  tempted with the real deal in  room projects more sedate.
                                         of my life.                        place.                            The first contest was a foot
                                            It was an unusual day at          For the afternoon recess,  race up the steep hill next to
                                         the rural, one-room school- the substitute teacher (prob- the schoolhouse, around the
                                         house that I attended, in that  ably frustrated to no end by  big oak tree at the top, and
                                         we had a substitute teacher  our lack of attention to her),  back down to the schoolhouse
                                         for that day. Rarely did the  decided to make it an ex- porch. Being no more athlet-
                                         regular teacher miss a day,  tra-long recess and conduct                           continued on page 12

         My  wife  thinks I’m  the
      luckiest man in the world—
      and not just because I mar-
      ried her. She often lists the
      dozens of examples in my
      life, that are not a result of
      my  being  overly  smart,  ir-
      resistibly charming, or even
      incredibly good-looking, but                                                           THE ISSUES                NEIGHBOR’S    GENEPLUS
      rather, nothing more than                                                                                        BLACK BULL      BULL
      plain, old, good luck.
         Last week, after anoth-                                                     Consistency
      er  incident of  good  fortune
      seemed to fall in my lap,                                                      Quality Foot Shape & Structure
      Judy asked me if I remem-
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