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Thinking About Weaning and                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · October 22, 2020 · P9

      Preconditioning Calves to Add

      Value?KNOW THE “LINGO”

                       By Dr. Michelle Arnold, UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
         Traditionally,  many  KY  beef  following list is meant to bridge  the University
      producers with winter/spring  the communication gap between  of            Kentucky.
      born    feeder   calves   market industry and health program re-      (“BI”   stands
      through Special Graded Feed- quirements. The examples listed          for Boehringer
      er Calf Sales held in the fall.  are in no order and are not to be       continued on
      At these sales, feeder cattle are  considered as endorsements by              page 20
      graded according to the USDA
      Feeder Cattle Grading Stan-
      dards, are weighed and sorted
      into groups (load lots of 48,000-                                                                    ®
      50,000 lbs) and are then sold.                               Gelbvieh & Balancer Bulls
      Buyers take advantage of these
      sales to buy larger groups of                           The smart way to add to your bottom line!
      feeder cattle with similar traits.
      Most of these calves are weaned
      “on the truck” on the way to the
      sale, unvaccinated, and the bull
      calves  are still  bulls.  With this
      marketing strategy, producers
      who work to improve genetics
      or have an effective herd health
      program do not earn premiums
      for their extra effort because
      calves are sold based on the av-
      erage  weight and  grade of  the
         Preconditioning of feeder cat-
      tle has been recognized by indus-
      try experts as a way for cow-calf
      operators to add value to their
      annual calf crops. Most precon-
      ditioning programs specify two
      rounds of viral and Clostridi-
      al vaccinations, a  Mannheimia
      haemolytica  toxoid, deworming,
      castration of bull calves and
      healed, heifers guaranteed not                         Smart.      Reliable.      Profitable.
      pregnant, and a minimum of
      45 days weaned. Some require                      Genetics to meet the demands of commercial cattleman.
      producers to use one pharma-
      ceutical company’s products.                 •  Easy Disposition                            •  Increased Efficiency
      In addition, weaned calves are
      usually expected to know how to              •  Calving Ease                                •  More Pounds of Calf Weaned
      eat from a feed bunk and drink               •  Lower Birth Weights                         •  Higher Percent Retail Yield
      from a fountain or tank. Buyers
      prefer weaned calves that have
      been properly fed and vaccinat-
      ed compared to similar non-vac-                    For a list of Gelbvieh breeders in your area, go to
      cinated and non-weaned calves,
      which can translate to price pre-     and click on Member List.
      miums of $10 to $15 per cwt de-
      pending on the market that day.
      However, to capture this added
      value, this information must
      be  communicated to the poten-                2020/21
      tial buyers prior to the sale.               BREEDERS        To request a FREE
         When reading through the                 DIRECTORY        2020/21 HAGA Breeders Directory
      list of requirements for a precon-              Trenton, MO 64683  Trenton, MO 64683  237 SW 30th Ave.  237 SW 30th Ave.   e-mail
      ditioning program, it is obvious                     HEART   or call (660) 234-5265. Please
                                                          OF AMERICA
                                                          OF AMERICA
      that few of those words are used                    ASSOCIATION                                               Heart of America
      by the auctioneer to describe the                   Hybrid Vigor & Profitability  include your mailing information.  Gelbvieh Association
                                                          Gelbvieh & Balancer ® ...
                                                          Gelbvieh & Balancer ® ...
                                                          The SmartCross ®  For
                                                          The SmartCross ®  For
                                                          Hybrid Vigor & Profitability
      health program. Instead, the in-                PERMIT #3 PERMIT #3  EUDORA, KS EUDORA, KS  PAID PAID  US POSTAGE US POSTAGE  NON-PROFIT ORG.  NON-PROFIT ORG.
      dustry has developed its own vo-                                 Kevin Ireland, President • 237 SW 30th Ave., Trenton, MO 64683 • 660-635-1433 •
      cabulary to describe calves very                      American Gelbvieh Association  |  303-465-2333  |
      quickly prior to the sale.  The
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