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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                 The Midwest Cattleman · October 22, 2020 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  ed to be  African-American  that might represent the kid  areas of Polynesia now take
                                         for enough years to become  as being from a culture other  offense if you wear bright, flo-
                                         a leading authority on Black  than their own, because of the  ral designed shirts. Again, I’m
                                         studies and a leading activist  threat of offending someone  safe.
                                         in the minority community;  from that culture. I certain-               In retrospect of my life, I
                                         the  use  of  Native  American  ly  hope  I  did  not  offend  any  guess I did, inadvertently,
                                         headdresses by people with  ghosts when I was a child.               culturally misappropriate at
                                         little  to  no  Native  American     Evidently, many Scottish  one point. About 45 years ago,
                                         ancestry; white, female celeb- people are offended when peo- I decided to get a curly perm
                                         rities wearing hairstyles that  ple without a Scottish heri- in my hair. Even though I was
                                         have traditionally been asso- tage choose to wear a Scottish  trying to look like the singer
                                         ciated with minority women;  kilt as a costume. Since I’ve  and performer, Mac Davis (he
                                         and the list goes on.              never had the urge to wear a  seemed to have no problem in
                                            Parents are cautioned to re- skirt, I think I’m pretty safe  attracting women), too many
                                         frain from dressing their kids  from ever committing that of- people were coming up to me
                                         up in Halloween costumes  fense.  Even  people  from  the                         continued on page 19
         Cultural  appropriation  (or
      misappropriation)  has  be-
      come a  ‘big thing’ in recent
      months. Loosely defined, the
                                                             Green Springs
      term refers to one culture of
      people adopting the culture                           Green Springs
      of  another  people  in  terms
      of fashion, style, language,
      appearance, and/or manner-
                                                                                Bull Sale
      isms.                                 Performance &
         Examples of cultural  ap-          Efficiency Tested
      propriation that have made                                                Bull Sale
      the news of late, and created
      meltdowns on social media,
      are: a professor at a major
      university who had pretend-

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