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        Tips to Improve the Success of Weaning Beef Calves

           By Jeff Lehmkuhler, Associate Extension Professor, University of Kentucky
         Fall is officially here and with  clean, fresh water – for ener-
      it will bring the country sound of  gy free/freeze proof waterers,
      calves bawling as weaning occurs  consider removing balls/lids or
      on beef cattle farms. This time of  locking balls/lids down so calves
      year can be busy with field crops,  have access to water; long, shal-
      getting the last cutting of hay  low water troughs will encourage
      and other farm activities.  Take  water  intake  the  first  2-3  days
      some time to prepare for weaning  post-weaning; check waterers
      of the beef calves to add value to  daily and clean routinely to keep
      the calf crop prior to marketing.  water free of feed, hay, and fecal
      Weaning preparation can reduce  contamination.
      stress for you and the calves.
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      A  Few  Tips to  Successful
         1)   Minimize     Transitional
      Stress – have castration, dehorn-
      ing, first round vaccines and other
      procedures done prior to wean-
      ing;  minimize  diet  changes and                                           December 6, 2020
      wean on pasture if possible and/
      or provide the same grain mix                                               Missouri State Fairgrounds • Sedalia, Missouri • Noon
      if calves were creep fed; consid-            Opportunity Saleale
                                                   Opportunity S
      er fenceline weaning if facilities
      allow; watch the weather forecast
      and avoid weaning when rain or            Saturday, December 5, 2020 • Annual Meeting @ 5:00 & Banquet @ 6:00, December 5, 2020 • Annual Meeting @ 5:00 & Banquet @ 6:00
      significant temperature changes
      (20+ degrees) are predicted with-
      in 3-5 days of weaning.
         2) Ensure calves can drink

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