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                                         feel comfortable to start graz- their value very well, or for  is most certainly tall fescue.
      residue can provide at least 30    ing stockpiled forages without  very long, need to  be grazed  Whether old Kentucky 31 or
      days of decent grazing after       worrying  about stressing the  first.  Orchardgrass, hay after- an endophyte-friendly tall fes-
      harvest date.  After 30 days,      plant too much. You want the  math, perennial ryegrass and  cue like Max-Q, if it is domi-
      the quality of that fodder will    plant to build both the top and  even smooth brome grass once  nantly new fall regrowth it
      decrease quickly and only          new roots to store energy for  it has for sure gone dormant  will hold its nutritional value
      maintenance animals should         next  spring.  If  you  continue  should be first on the menu.  I  better  than  anything  for  as
      really graze them, unless          grazing into late fall the plant  would then move back to any  long as it lasts.    The fescue
      higher quality annuals have        will be weakened some next  annual small grains if soil con- should be the last thing nor-
      been planted into the stalks,      spring.                            ditions permit.                   mally grazed in the winter…
      raising the nutritional value         As we proceed later into          The backbone dominating  so save it for late use.  It will
      and they are ready to graze. If    October and approach Novem- stockpiled forage for the rest  hold up to some abuse, main-
      you have annuals such as oats      ber, forages that don’t hold  of the winter in the Midwest
      and brassicas that were plant-                                                                                        continued on page 12
      ed a few weeks ago, some of
      those can now be grazed. You
      would not want to graze them
      too hard if you don’t have to;
      you will want to save some
      for later so leaving sufficient
      residual is important, ideally
      about four inches.
         Some areas still have an
      abundance of forage available
      for grazing. Deferring this for-
      age for later use provides an
      opportunity for more growth
      in the declining daylight days
      and more opportunity for
      grazing later. Once we have a
      good killing freeze, which will
      be coming soon in the north-
      ern part of my state, you can

             5th Annual Fall
        Highland Cattle Auction
        Heartland Highland Cattle Association
       December 4th, 2021 10AM

          Parsons Livestock Market
        25012 N. Hwy 59, Parsons, KS
          $5.00 entry fee at the door

           Selling Registered,
           Unregistered, and
         Crossbreed Highland
          Bulls, Cows, Calves,
                and Steers

              For info contact:
          Mike at 505.228.7438 or
              Gloria at HHCA
             call 417.345.0575
             text 417.733.3201
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