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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION                                                                      The Midwest Cattleman · October 21, 2021 · P10
      continued from page 3
      regulations that work for  bodies that most significant-
      cattle producers.  The letter  ly contribute to downstream
      is the first step in a strategy  water quality. Further, long-
      to limit the federal WOTUS  held agricultural exemptions
      definition and will be sub- for prior converted cropland,
      mitted to EPA as they devel- stock ponds, and agricultur-
      op new rules.                      al ditches are vital to ensure
         KLA and NCBA had  that agricultural producers
      worked with the Trump ad- are not unnecessarily  bur-
      ministration to craft NWPR,  dened. Thank you for listen-
      which provided clear jurisdic- ing to America’s cattle pro-
      tional boundaries for farmers  ducers.
      and ranchers. NWPR adhered            Cattle     farmers       and
      to Supreme Court precedent,  ranchers are invested in
      empowered states to manage  protecting our nation's
      water bodies, solidified im- clean water.  We need
      portant agricultural exemp- clear, commonsense regu-
      tions and eliminated federal  lations that support agri-
      control over isolated water  cultural producers' good
      bodies that do not contribute  work on this issue.
      to downstream water quality.          Join our campaign to
      However, according to EPA,  let policymakers in Washing-
      WOTUS now will be inter- ton, D.C. know that you sup-
      preted consistent with the  port:
      pre-2015 regulations until            •Staying  consistent with
      further notice.  This means  the law on the books and Su-             that more appropriately lim- Water Act. Any  definition  of
      regulatory requirements and  preme Court precedents                   ited  federal  jurisdiction  to  WOTUS should satisfy these
      jurisdictional       determina-       •Limiting the federal gov-      waterways that significantly  criteria:
      tions will follow limits put in  ernment's reach to only nav-         contribute to downstream             •Ensure that the regula-
      place by the agencies’ 1986  igable waters, consistently              water quality.  The NWPR  tory  definition  of  WOTUS
      regulations and subsequent  flowing tributaries, and adja-            was a major improvement on  is consistent with the Clean
      guidance.                          cent wetlands                      the 2015  WOTUS Rule and  Water  Act and existing Su-
         Both KLA and NCBA con-             •Protecting       important     had broad support but now,  preme Court precedent.
      tinue to aggressively oppose  exemptions for agricultur-              the Biden administration is          •Limit federal jurisdiction
      overreaching federal jurisdic- al producers, such as stock            repealing it.                     to traditionally navigable wa-                                                                        6  1   0  1  0  2  , 0  3   r e  b   m   e t p   e S   n a     m   e l t t a C   t s e    w   d i M     e  h  T
                                                                            BSE Clinic Time
      tion under the Clean  Water  ponds                                      We  need a  clear, reliable  ters, their consistently flow-
      Act and will work to ensure        Background                         rule that allows producers to  ing tributaries, and abutting
      any revisions to the WOTUS            The  WOTUS Rule is  the  operate their businesses suc- wetlands.
                                                                            By Eldon Cole, University of Missouri Extension
      definition respect private         regulatory mechanism for  cessfully  and  in  compliance                •Maintain important ag-
      property rights.                   enforcing the Clean  Water  with the law.                            ricultural exemptions, in-
                                                                             Has your bull had a breeding
                                                                                                                We’ve  scheduled  four  clinics  of  cows  keep  coming  back  in  progeny differences (EPDs) and
                                                                              NCBA continues to fight  cluding exemptions for stock
      NCBA:                              Act, a law passed by Con-          soundness  exam  (BSE) since  where  you  can  get  your  bulls  heat.  There  are  no  other  out-      breeding programs or whatever
                                                                            you pulled him from the breed-
                                                                                                               completely  examined,  given  ward signs of trich in the bull  is on your mind. Ed Trotter with
      Tell the EPA to Support            gress in 1972. It defines what  against overreaching federal  ponds, agricultural ditches,                                                  Pfizer will be at some of the clin-
                                                                                                               parasite control treatment and  or cow for that matter.
                                                                            ing pasture this summer? Fer-
      Clean Water and Clear              counts as "waters of the Unit- jurisdiction under the Clean  and prior converted cropland.                                                  ics  with  information  on  their
                                                                            tility and breeding ability can  vaccinated and be ready to turn
      Rules                              ed States."                        Water Act. We  are  working        out  if  everything  checks  out    Here are the dates and loca-      DNA evaluation program.
                                                                            fluctuate in bulls from year-to-
                                                                                                                 To sign on, go to https://
                                            In 2015, the Environmen- with  the EPA  and Congress
                                                                            year  and  season-to-season.  If  okay. In addition, if you’d like,  tions of our fall clinics.
      Sign our letter to EPA             tal Protection Agency (EPA)  to ensure that any definition                                                                   Call the above veterinary of-
                                                                            you’ve preg checked your cows  they can check your bull for the
      Administrator Michael              and  Army  Corps of  Engi- of  WOTUS provides neces-                                                                                        fices for your appointment time.
                                                                            and found several open, it just  sexually  transmitted  disease,
      Regan                              neers  finalized  the  WOTUS  sary clarity for cattle produc-        KLA                                  October 11 - Barry County Vet  Of course, there’s a limit to the
                                                                            might  be  cause  to  check  him  trichomoniasis. Trich is on the  Services, Cassville
                                                                                                                                                                                     number of bulls the clinics can
      Dear Administrator Regan:          Rule to make it a significant  ers and does not exceed the            rise in this part of the world. It’s   Contact: Dr. Voyd Brown, 847-  accept so you may need to pick a
         Cattle producers across the  expansion of federal jurisdic- statutory limits of the Clean             suspected when a large number  2677                                   different time and/or a different
      country faced years of regula- tion.  The rule was a major                                                                                                                     veterinarian. It’s just important
      tory uncertainty related to the  overreach of federal govern-                                                                                October 12 - Kent Veterinary  to have your bulls checked out.
      definition of “Waters of the  ment, covering in its juris-             Buffalo Livestock Market                                             Clinic, Billings                    A survey of cow-calf farms in
      U.S.” We rely on clean water  diction  isolated waterbodies                                                                                  Contact Dr. Harvey Kent, 744-     24 states in 2008 showed that
      for the health of our livestock,  and water features that only            Special   Cattle Sale                     Special                 2222                               about 25% do a semen evalua-
      families, and local communi- carry water following precip-                                                                      Sheep                                          tion on their bulls before turn-
      ties. However, the EPA must  itation. That overreach nega-              Vaccinated    Every         Watch our     Stock Cow       &          October 13 - Dake Veterinary  out. I doubt if we’re that high
      provide clear standards that  tively  impacted  many  farm-               Cattle    Saturday      sale live on the   & Bull Sale  Goat Sale  Clinic, Miller                    in  southwest  Missouri.  The
      support U.S. farmers, ranch- ers and ranchers, and both                    Sale     12:00 Noon                           Contact: Dr. Chuck Dake, 452-     October BSE clinics in the past
                                                                                                          Internet at
      ers, and small businesses.  agricultural groups, envi-                   2nd Sat. of   Selling all classes        3rd Tuesday  4th Tuesday  3301                               few years have found more prob-
      We urge EPA to focus federal  ronmental groups, and state               Each Month    of cattle                                                                                lems with bulls than the clinics
      jurisdiction on traditionally  governments agreed that the                                                                                   October 14 - Countryside Ani-     in  March.  Hot  weather  could
      navigable waters,  their  con- 2015  WOTUS Rule was not                                                                                     mal Clinic, Aurora                 be more of a problem than cold
      sistently flowing tributaries,  an appropriate long-term                     Lyle Caselman - Owner-Manager: 417-345-7876 • Mobile: 417-533-2944  Contact: Dr. Mike Bloss, 678-  when it comes to bull fertility. It
                                                                                      Leon Caselman - Owner: 417-345-4514 • Mobile: 417-588-6185
      and abutting wetlands. At- solution.                                                                                                        4011                               could even be from fescue toxins
                                                                                            Call Lyle or Leon to find out what we can do for you:
      tempts to expand federal ju-          In 2020,  EPA  revised the            Danny Cross 417-576-5461 • John Sanwald 417-588-9113 • Bobby Cole 573-674-3131                     consumed or a combination of
      risdiction  to ephemeral  and  WOTUS definition in a new                                                                                     Besides the BSE, I will be at  factors.
      isolated water features re- rule — the Navigable Waters                                Barn 417-345-8122                                    the clinics to answer questions,
                                                                                                                                                  discuss  bull  sales,  expected
      move focus  from the  water- Protection Rule (NWPR) —
                                                                                                                        Green Springs

                                                                                                         Performance & Efficiency Tested

                                                                                                   BULL SALE                                                                90 BULLS

                                                                                                                                                                               200 on test
                                                                                                      Sunday, Nov. 21st, 1:00 P.m.                                        Selected from over
                                                                                                         at Mo-Kan Livestock, Butler, MO                                    8 Breeds
                                                                                                                                                                          Large Genetic Pool
                                                                                                   “Only the best
                                                                                                   pass the test”
                                                                                                                         • ANGUS • GELBVIEH  •  LIMOUSIN •
                                                                                                                               • LIMFLEX • SIMMENTAL •
                                                                                                                              • BRAUNVIEH • HEREFORD •

                                                                                                                                   Call 448-7416 for information

                                                                                                                                                 & sale Catalog

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