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      Frost Seeding Legumes for Pasture Improvement

      By Clif Little, OSU Extension, Agriculture and Natural Resources
         Frost seeding of legumes in the  and out-compete legume plants.
      spring can be used to improve pas- A pasture or hayfield composed
      ture, hay quality and yield.  Red  of 35% or more legume needs no
      and white clover are the most fre- additional nitrogen. Below are
      quently  utilized  legumes  in  frost  some legume species and seeding
      seeding.  The freezing and thaw- options:
      ing of late winter and early spring   • Red clover 6-8 lbs./A and
      can provide good legume seed to  Birdsfoot  Trefoil  3-4  lbs./A This
      soil contact and germination.  The  combination provides good le-
      following steps will help to ensure              continued on page 16
      frost seeding success.
         Site selection – Choose a pas-
      ture that has been closely grazed,
      as a thin sod will likely reduce
      competition and allow for seed to                                                                                              ®
      soil contact. Legumes do best in             GELBVIEH & BALANCER
      well drained areas, and a south-
      easterly facing slope will receive
      more sunlight and favor legume
                                                                      Smart. Reliable. Profitable. .
      growth. Animals may be utilized                              Smart.   Reliable.   Profitable
      to help trample seed in for better
      soil contact.  However, to allow for-                       Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics offer
      age plants a chance to establish a                                                            ®
                                                             Gelbvieh and Balancer  genetics offer
      strong root system, remove them                       more pounds of calf weaned, added fertility,
      when seed germination occurs in                   more pounds of calf weaned, added fertility,
                                                                      and greater cow herd longevity.
      the spring and keep them off these
      fields for 4 weeks after germina-                           and greater cow herd longevity.
         Fertility – Soil pH should be
      approximately 6.0 or above.  A soil
      test should have been taken and if
      needed, phosphate and potash can
      be broadcast when soil conditions
      allow. Soil test kits are available
      at your local Extension office.
         Inoculate legume seeds – If
      the legume plant being seeded
      does not currently exist in the
      field, inoculate the legume seed
      with the appropriate strains of ni-
      trogen-fixing bacteria.  Remember
      inoculants should be stored in a
      refrigerator from the time of pur-
      chase to use.  The rhizobia bacte-
      ria can be killed at high tempera-
      tures.  Also, check the expiration
      date on the inoculate package.
      Some legume seed is sold with a
      coating of inoculate already ad-                                                                            
      ministered to the seed.  Be sure to
      purchase certified weed free seed
      which is no more than 1 year old.                For a list of Gelbvieh breeders in your area, go to
         Grazing     management       –
      Allow newly seeded legume plants    and click on Member List.
      to grow.  Do not overgraze newly
      seeded plants just after germina-
      tion.  Manage grass height so as                           To request a FREE
      to allow  sunlight to  reach clover                        2020/21 HAGA Breeders Directory
      plants. Clover and other legumes
      are often the preferred forage             2020/21         e-mail
      species  of grazing  animals.    For     BREEDERS          or call 660.234.5265. Please
      this reason, rest periods between        DIRECTORY         include your mailing information.
      grazing may need to be adjusted                                                                  
      to allow for adequate legume re-             Trenton, MO 64683  237 SW 30th Ave.                              Heart of America
      growth.                                           OF AMERICA                                            Gelbvieh Association
         Use nitrogen in small and split                ASSOCIATION
      applications when fields contain                  Gelbvieh & Balancer ® ...    Kevin Ireland, President • 237 SW 30th Ave., Trenton, MO 64683 • 660-635-1433 •
                                                        The SmartCross ®  For
      legumes, as excess nitrogen will             PERMIT #3  EUDORA, KS  PAID  US POSTAGE  NON-PROFIT ORG.  Hybrid Vigor & Profitability  American Gelbvieh Association  |  303-465-2333  |
      likely cause grass to overcrowd
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