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Life is Simple
        Life is Simple
                                                                                                   The Midwest Cattleman · March 11, 2021 · P5

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        Jerry Crownover                  I’ve been inconvenienced by this  describe my upbringing. We had  lon buckets, every trip to the
                                         added chore, when I’ve got so  a well, but we had to draw all  barn. Mom, my sister and I,
                                         many other things, like feeding  the water up from beneath the  would follow, toting three-gal-
                                         and calving, that HAVE to be  ground, using a rope and pul- lon buckets in each hand, down-
                                         done. Yesterday, obviously tired  ley system, that drew up a long,  hill to the main barn, but uphill
                                         of hearing my complaining, Judy  slender, galvanized tube, that  to the other barn and hog pen.
                                         asked, “Aren’t you the guy who  would bring up about three to  When it was as cold as it has
                                         brags about not having running  four gallons each draw. It was  been lately, or when there was
                                         water until you were ten-years  laborious, time-consuming (es- snow or ice on the ground, the
                                         old? What’s the big deal?”         pecially in cold weather), and we  buckets were not only heavy,
                                            She’s right. I don’t know if I  still had to carry it, in buckets,  but cumbersome, when trying
                                         brag about it, but, in my adult  to each of the two barns and the  to maintain one’s balance. If you
                                         life, I’ve always worn that fact  hog pen, several times each day.
                                         as a badge of honor, to proudly      Dad would carry two, five-gal-               continued on page 12

         Among  the many  disasters
      and catastrophes that occurred
      around  our  farm,  during  the
      record-setting cold spell of Feb-
      ruary, the water line between
      the well  house and barn  froze
      solid. The barn and surrounding
      corral is where I house my four
      herd bulls  for the  winter and
      they are supplied water by two,
      heated, automatic waterers. Un-
      fortunately, the heated waterers
      don’t work if the water doesn’t
      reach them.
         For the past two weeks, I have
      whined and moaned to my wife,
      on a daily basis, about how much

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